Cop punches woman in the face lol! Police brutality?


So there’s been a buncha cop killings in or near the seattle area recently, and now the cops are striking back… By punching jaywalkers in the face!

Police brutality?

Looking at this video, it looks like a case of an angry black woman getting put in her place. You dumb bitch, don’t put your hands on an officer, wtf did you think was gonna happen? She’s lucky she didn’t get tased in the face.


Should’ve shot her and any witnesses, that’ll learn 'em uppity ass niggas.


Notice how the men in that clip know what the fuck is up? Don’t touch the cops like you’re some hot shit.


This isn’t a topic I talk about much, but I think this is about female entitlement.

As a man: if your friend was resisting arrest, and then you come up and get in the officer’s face, probably while yelling, and fucking shove him, you know it’s on. Hell, if you do that to anybody , that is basically an invitation to fight. You are requesting a fight.

I think that for a lot of women, it doesn’t even occur to them that they’d get punched in the face. Because nobody punches women in the face, not even other women. There was some comedian, I think it was Joel McHale, who was talking about being in the parking lot of a Target with his wife, when some car suddenly swings in front of them and cuts them off. The wife then starts screaming obscenities at this car full of guys (and I think actually wanted to chase after them). and he was actually confused for a second. And then he said, “Oh, I get it: she’s never been punched in the mouth before.”

For all the talk of men not being attuned to social cues and the signals women give off, women are largely ignorant of several things as well, and I think this is a shining example of such a situation.


Bitch got exactly what she deserved. I would’ve given that cop a raise for his bravery.


bingo…when a cop is trying to arrest you, and you’re going fucking apeshit, you better believe you’re gonna either get punched in the face, tossed down, hit with a taser, or worse.

Equal rights. If you wanna be treated equally to men, keep in mind that getting punched in the face for being a dick is something that men sometimes have to deal with


the sad part is rockbogart actually believes this. you would have been a great german citizen six decades ago dude

but hey, cop should have just tazed her instead, right? I mean, if you talk back to a cop, you deserve to get 20,000 volts through your body that may kill you.


The thing is the lady that got punched wasn’t even getting the ticket lol.

He was handing a ticket out for Jaywalking. Lady was being unreasonable, so i imagine he was bringing her in for being uppity. Her friend sneaks up behind the officer and grabs him and he reacted via the proper methodology. Then the chick kept resisting the officer which is an invitation for excessive force.


i actually laughed when he socked her lol shit was too funny.


Equal rights… Equal fights


Talking back and shoving someone aren’t the same thing though.


we must have some pretty shitty cops nowadays then that are powerless in the face of being pushed by a woman where they can do nothing but punch them in the face, taze, or shoot them.


lol dumb bitch.


If it were a man who would have gotten punched would it have changed your view on the events P. Gorath?


Yeah…those girls were being stupid.


Exactly. The only reason this is being discussed is because a woman pushed an officer. If it was a man, it wouldn’t even be news.


wow dumb bitch.

you are not immune to the law.


cop shoulda called for backup. It’s gotta suck to be a cop and be so completely out of control of a situation like that.

From seeing just the gif of the punch my first reaction was that it looked sloppy and unprofessional. I guess it’s unrealistic to expect every officer to be jackie chan in supercop, but surely police should have training on how to physically restrain someone without resorting to sloppy, bar-brawl type punches.


As soon as I clicked the like I saw the vid was under the heading “justice” and I was most pleased. True justice was dished out in that vid. Fuck those bitches. Take the fine and argue in court like the rest of us.


he gave that bitch a fistful of equality is all.

no guy would ever for half a second do anything that stupid


what is your idea of a fair response in that situation?