Copied Artwork in UDON's 2nd Art Contest?


I picked up this issue kind of late, and was very pleased with everything in it, then I flipped to the end and looked at the art contest winners and was a bit irked. I’m a pretty big fan of the art of Satoshi Urushihara and had asked very early on if UDON would consider Urushihara as a guest artist. Well anyways, when I saw Virginia Berrocal’s entry, I’m thinking, “Umm ok, this an almost exact carbon copy of the illustration in Urushihara’s Venus artbook”:

Shouldn’t there be some sort of credit shown of who the original artist of that picture is? Is it even allowed to just straight up copy somebody’s work and enter it into an art contest?


Yeah, i mentioned it in both the issue 7 topics, the week the issue was released.


Yeah, my original artwork didn’t get in… But someone copied an already existing artwork, and it got in.

I lost a bit of respect for the Udon team. They should know better.


Maybe they simply have never seen the piece it was copied from so didn’t know it was a rip! I’m sure Erik will explain the issue at somepoint.



another plagerisim? hmm i wasnt aware of this one but iwas aware of the other one witht eh sakura picture.

…anyways u cant expect udon to know every picture on the net and for them to know which one was altered r not.

they should however have some sort of a punishment. hehehe


Yup. What a fucking shame. punishment would be a good idea.


Oh come on. maybe you didnt get in cause yours suck ever think about that? theres no possible way to know whats copied or not. i think the only responsibility udon has is to make the comic look good. which they arent doing to well but im giving them one more issue.


I admit that I overlooked this one. No excuse. My bad.


I am not sure which part do you mean that our book is not doing too well that only deserves you to give it one more issue… I hope we can change you mind.

We do our best every month to get the best out of the team possible within a set amount of time. I feel that a lot of you are appreciating our effort and hard work while also noticed some of you being constructively critical which is good.

We will keep doing our best. That is a promise I can give you guys here as well as all the fans and readers out there.

But in case our best might still not be good enough for some of you… I regret that is how you see it.


Oh,come on. Some of you people are being way too critical.Be thankful we get such great street fighter comics with such incredible different artwork and story.I loved every bit of issue 7 and all the issues before hand.I give udon a huge thanks for having me look forward to each month when the new street fighter comic comes out.I collect each cover and powerfoil cover and cant wait until the Ryu powerfoil and issue 8!


To help avoid plagiarism in the future, perhaps you guys could set a theme that is unlikely to have any existing art (an extreme example might be SFers in space) and reject any entries outside of this theme.

I noticed that the theme for contest one was “girls vs boys” but the theme requirement was seemingly dropped. If the theme requirement was retained, the plagiarized entry would not have been selected as it didn’t adhere to theme requirement.

The drawback of this suggestion is there will perhaps be fewer entries as the contestants may not like a particular theme, but the benefit is it gives the Udon staff some control on insuring non-copied entries.

Just some thoughts.


OK i’ve seen your best work and it’s not issue 7. it was issue 1 and 2. if you deliver books like the first two ill buy every title you put out not only streetfighter. if it is time that kills you i would rather see avlinlee/arnold tsang do a bi monthly comic rather than a low grade version every month.