Coping strategies for when SRKGD goes away


Inkblot just posted:

Fortunately, I have a little bit of money stashed away for just such an emergency.

To deal with this impending crisis, I plan to hire top-drawer professional actors to come to my house and play as all my favorite SRK personalities. I will furnish them with background details and numerous sample posts so that they can best replicate the people who come here. This will hopefully stave off my boredom and convincingly simulate my interaction here until I once again have access to the real deal.

The actors I will be hiring and the roles they will be playing are as follows.

Soleil Moon Frye as Amazing Funbags
Chris Tucker as Angelpalm
Tom Cruise as Angryliberal
Craig Robinson as Black Jesus
Patrick Stewart as Boel
Bob Saget as Bob Sagat
Jonathan Ke Quan as Carpet Lint
Michael Hogan as DaRabidDuckie
Tony Jaa as Fishjie
Crispin Glover as Kromo
Sebastien Foucan as Maxx
James Spader as Million
Harvey Fierstein as Missing Person
Pam Grier as Neesa
Ben Stiller as Orochizoolander
Ger Duany as RockBogart
Peter Dinklage as Shaft Agent
Kurt Russell as SNAAAAKE
Simon Helberg as Sovi3t
Mark Hamill as SWBeta
Rick Moranis as The Damned
George Clooney as Thurst
Adam West as Valaris
Jeff Goldblum as White Shadow
Bill Cosby as WTF-AKUMA-HAX
and the cast of The Wire as everybody else.

So, SRKGD, how will you be coping with the outage? If you’re using my strategy, who will you hire? Bear in mind that I booked the actors above the moment I found out what was happening.




Get a lot more work done at the job…


I’ve got a srk simulator that is just a plain navy blue webpage that never stops loading. I won’t even know the difference


I will just fap my time away until then. It’s what goodm0urning would have wanted.


I know when I comeback and if I see Rep bars, I know the world is truly at peace


The forums will be back before MGR drops, the church as no issues with this.


Mostly masturbation followed by uncontrollable outbursts of laughter when I think up something clever…then profound sadness that I don’t have anyone to share my experiences with.


what does srk and a neglectful father have in common?

they dont keep promises


SRK/GD hardly loads 80% of the time anyways so it’s no big deal.


I will continue to make chubby girls wet with horribly written erotica on Tumblr.


Dr. Jones, Sebastien Foucan no good, ANDRE BRAUGHER is best!

Rainn Wilson as GoodMorning
Seth Rogan as ViciousSlash


Wait a minute, no Will Smith as Will Smith?


I just can’t picture Maxx as Thomas from Glory.

That was Andre Braugher, right? Not just a guy who looks like Andre Braugher?

I said my favorite SRK personalities.


Naw homie this movie is raw.


Shottie Michael Jai White as me (I have feelings too goodm0urning.)


Bill Duke or D’Angelo Barksdale also acceptable.


Michael Jai White is my understudy for when I’m out on a beer run. Fortunately for you, Wayne Brady is available.

D’Angelo’s already playing like five guys to cover for all the black people in the SRK community.


Look what you did now Goody, now everyone is upset that you didn’t name them in your post and will now cite overly flattering corresponding celebrity personalities for themselves. Please try to be more inclusive next time.


They’re all going to be mad that I didn’t cast Michael Jai White as them.

But Michael Jai White can’t play everybody. Come on.