Coping strategies for when SRKGD goes away


I will accept fictitious Chappelle’s Show Wayne Brady even though regular Wayne Brady fits pretty well and I’m going to go back into my hole now.


Exactly, Will Smith as Will Smith.


Will Smith as Orochi Ken. It’s perfect.




Yeah :sad: my productivity should hit “I’m trying to get a raise levels” once again.

  • :bluu:

I want my two Galga ships…

  • :bluu:
    And I want to be played by Shaq. And I want a fight scene…that involves at least one chick dying with my dick down her throat. Maybe two. At the same time. OH!
  • :bluu:


Carrot Top as Nickguy.


Cope? HA

I just spent 15 minutes fighting SRK just so I could edit a video into one of my posts.

I’ll be fine. :coffee:


Chris Tucker…

No but seriously, 4chan and all those other shit sites are going to explode after the OTT and all the other sub forum posters stop having access to this site. I expect at least one suicide, and a few withdrawl symptom related suicides.

Anyways, if you can stomache it , add me on xblockZ live, my name is same.

Edit: Furries need not apply.


Colonel Saul Fucking Tigh.

I consider that high praise, sir. salutes

As for what I’ll be doing, I’ll be doing the same thing I do every day… eating bagels, sucking my own dick, turning into a jet, and then chopping my balls off and dying. Usually not in that order.


I will be calling Pauly Shore and telling him we fucked up again. We tried, Pauly. You would have been a great me.


Maxx will be played by Bill Dukes.



both reasons.


Fixed it for ya.


I wanna say I’m hurt but half the niggas in that list suck balls anyway. :rofl:


Hitting F5 with the rest of the desperate guys who don’t get laid.:sad:


Wtf, I get relegated to a The Wire cast member, but posters like Neesa, Sovi3t and SWBeta get special mentions?

My internet personality has never been so offended before, that lack of text hurts severely. That or, my internet perso is so unique no actor can replicate this greatness.


Sour grapes. :coffee:

That or you’re not specific enough for it to matter. :coffee:


Cold blooded. This text cuts deep. My internet personality is now clinically depressed.


Only thing sour about this is that reverse attention whoring thread you got going on. The fact that you have a list of favorite SRK personalities and that you went through the trouble of listing actors for them is some top tier YES HOMO shit.


Going to party with Jean Claude Van Damme and Patrick Stewart.
Don’t wait up.