Copy Disk Image Program

Need to copy the image from a laptop HDD onto my PC using an External Enclosure device. Anyone know what the best program out there is (FOR FREE) that I could use since I won’t be needing the program later. Trial versions of good programs would also be really good. Hope to hear from someone soon.

Acronis True Image

Trying to sort out exactly what you want here…

Usually when people use the term ‘image’ they’re wanting to create a snapshot of the disk’s content to restore at a later point in time or replicate to another machine. You wouldn’t dump an image of your laptop to your desktop since the hardware isn’t identical.

I’m pretty sure you’re just trying to copy files from the laptop to the PC. If you have an external enclosure like an USB case, why not just connect it and copy the files you want using Windows Explorer? Feel free to elaborate if I’m misunderstanding you.

Ok the hard drive is not from a laptop but from a PS3. A PC won’t recognize the image. So I’d rather burn the image to keep it in tack to store onto a flash drive or something similar. My other options are to take the hard drive in the enclosure device and hook it up to a friends PS3 and store my saved game files on there as thats all I need, or use my friends Linux PC to store it since the PS3 is encoded with the Linux software.

So the image is needed to keep the files untouched by Windows that may try and read and tamper with the material.