Copying SSFIV matches to flash drive?


is this possible?


I dont think so. unless u have a modded system?
they are probably in a retarded format


This I would like to know. Im sure there is some kind of way.


Just got home from work and tried it myself…

Got a couple a files with jiberish…so I guess this is a no…

looks like I’ll have to shell out the cash for a cam after all. :frowning:

btw, is this the correct forum for this topic? I was expecting more responses…


Yeah tech would be the best forum.

The best way to do it would be to use a capture card or something of the like.


I like the idea, I can think of a few really cool uses, but I’m not sure its possible, i think its some kind of script saved on the HD/Memory Card that is just a recording of controls and some high level math, like quantum theory to make it look like the original match… total speculation on my part, since recording the 3d models movements would take alot of space compared to what I proposed…

Feature request ? part of the new DLC ? I’d /sign it.