Copyright holders trying to take away our rights!


copyright holders are trying to take away our right to sell the things we Own ! please sign this petition to stop them

this is not a joke !


Posting in this thread solely because the poster has a Bad Brains album cover as an avatar.

I remember saying something some time ago about EULAs. Suck it America! Suck it loooooooooong and suck it fucking HARD!.


For everything awesome that gets created in this world, some fucking douchebag wants to take away twice as much away from you


One of top priorities on my list is to dispose of copyright lawyers.


And lobbyists.


According to the RIAA, downloading sheet music with a MIDI playback feature counts as piracy of whatever piece of music it’s for.

I don’t know about you guys, but I fucking rock out to those computerized electronic facsimiles that don’t contain so much as a nanosecond of the original recording.


Just don’t go whistling it on youtube.

Yeah, that’s a joke, that could actually be accurate someday, or even now.

Like how the Happy Birthday song is owned by someone.

Fuck those people.


Is it? I’m not sure.


Now I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic. :\

It was a joke, but I feel like it has bearing on the content wars of our time.


Fuck the MPA.


Lobbists should be shot for the home-grown terrorists they are.

And their toys in congress should be in jail.


Oh my fucking god. I just realized that If I were to write down a score on finale and played it back, it could be argued that I pirated the material. That is so fucking godlike.


Seen and signed. FUCK them.



Fuckers been trying that shit on for years now with bullshit EULAs trying to tell you that you don’t buy your software, just the licence to use it, this crap needs curbstoming once and for all.


Can we get a list of names of who is pushing this so we can vote them out of office?

I’m probably going to vote for Obama because he actually told Hollywood to gtfo with their bribes.


Until we get money out of politics and circumvent that Citizens United and the ruling that its based on. This shits gonna keep happening.

If a politician’s main means of getting elected or staying in office is that they have to raise money, you are going to serve the wants of whoever gives out some of the biggest donations. If you don’t, you run the risk of pissing off the rich donors and then they’ll just fund your political opponents so that they can use it to basically lie to the public so that they don’t vote for you and you end up losing. Because of this, our government no longer doesn’t works for us, they work for the few rich bastards and their mega corporations who use them to wage class warfare on the middle class and the poor. Which is grounds for revolution actually.

I signed the thingie. Fuck these assholes.


Just stop calling this a free country. Kids can’t hug. I can’t write the word dinosaur on a test. Trolling banned in certain states. I can be arrested without trial for having too much food. Fuck this country.




If you “hoard” food or water it counts as terrorism. Now, who decides “how much” of something is hoarding?


That… sounds pretty stupid. WTF is going on here. These people are too bored with their lives.


I’m pretty fucking serious.