Copywrite probs at kinkos?

So today, like any other stick building/modding day, I decide to go to Kinko’s to get my usual. Tabloid-sized glossy paper that has my artwork for my stick, and laminated to go with it. However… the lady at the counter looks at my artwork, then tells me,

“Sorry, I can’t print these out, they are copywritten.”

What?! Seriously? I’ve been in here several times before, using the same templates to make stick-art, and just now, I’ve been told I can’t.

“I can’t print them, I’ll be breaking the law.”

Really Kinkos? You’re gonna shove it into my face that I have to get permission from the person who made the templates? Anyone else run into this problem before at their local kinkos?

Also, to the person who made the templates for the TE/SEs, I’d like your permission to print them out. Because if I don’t, and print them out without it, I may break the law and put into jail. Why? Because Kinkos told me I had to.

I’ll just have to wait until that lady isn’t working there I guess, and have another employee do the prints for me. Fucking bitch.


i figured a thread like this would show up sooner or later. im surprised it took this long.

these print shop guys cannot work with anything that is copywritten (artwork, characters, ect.). if they do and get caught, the owner of the copyright can potentially sue them to bankruptcy. so basically when they turned you down they were covering there own behinds.

Wait for another employee or go to another Kinko’s. I didn’t have any problems printing my artwork from Kinkos. The characters are what are copywritten, not the templates themselves.

Fuck Kinko’s. They’re dicks, their service sucks balls, and they’re expensive on top of that. Try to find an independently-owned copy store or a sign shop around town to do the work for you.

Seriously just go to another Kinkos if there is one near your. There’s like 4 within 5 miles of my place if they started sweating me at the one I currently use. But then again, they’ve been cool every time.

I’ve done my printouts for faceplates at Staples and they’ve never given me problems…

(Note: Always save the final versions of your faceplate designs in PDF format from Photoshop. If you save in PSD (Photoshop document) format, the Staples computers automatically resize your image to fit 8 X 11 paper. Don’t ask me why. They don’t seem to know why, either!)

I don’t know that office supply stores are that much cheaper not than Kinko’s, but Staples, OfficeMax, or Office Depot should be able to do these print-outs.

Believe me, though… Color printing has gotten a LOT MORE expensive in the past few years. The last time I did color prints (outside of home) on standard 8 X 11 paper it was close to $8.50 for 16-18 pages! I seem to remember doing a LOT more than that 7-8 years ago on bigger paper for a comparable price or less. Ouch!

The only reason I didn’t scan and print at home is that a) I have an 8 X 14 scanner that just wouldn’t fit the book I wanted to do scans from and b) the book I did copies from is a valuable one that I just didn’t want to take a chance screwing up on a tiny flatbed scanner.


Yeah, I figured it was the artwork itself. I was just so confused/frustrated, I should’ve asked why or what was copywritten before I left.

I just got unlucky I suppose, just got a person who REALLY loves their job :slight_smile:

Yeah, this has come up quite a bit in the template threads too.

I’m not defending them, but Kinko’s/FedEx Office is a huge target for copyright violation and they are just covering their ass. Also, employees use that excuse not to do any ‘special’ jobs that aren’t copy/print.

BUT, the next time they throw the copyright card, just say/ask to sign the copyright waver (they should offer it automatically when they mention copyright). Basically, it lets Kinko’s off the hook should you get in trouble and try to say, “Well, Kinko’s printed it, they have should known better (plus they gots more money than me so sue them).”

And reproducing said characters, regardless of what size/type of media, is still copyright infringement. Granted, we’re all just using the art on our sticks @ home, but Kinko’s/printshops don’t know that.

I used to work in retail printing.

The copyright excuse translates to “I don’t like you and don’t feel like helping you” or “I don’t feel like working at the moment”.

Good times…

Oh and btw, there’s nothing that says we couldn’t print something like that. Your template can contain trademarked images, that doesn’t mean the actual template is copyrighted.

edit Also the easiest way to get around that is to just use their self-service printing. They can refuse printing something for you but they can’t keep you from doing it yourself (unless you’re copying money, which I’ve seen happen)

The same thing happened to me at kinko’s…but the dude was chill and let ME come hit the print button like he wasn’t watching…rofl.

they can however refuse to give it to you and tear it up in front of you since you did something that you weren’t supposed to do.

That said, they are just trying to cover their asses. I know target was sued a few years ago for copying a copywriting picture and was sued at least 100G’s for it. So many companies are cracking down on it since they don’t want to deal with a several thousand dollar fee when sales are already down due to the recession.

No not on self service copies. There were posted rules about copyrighted material and what you could do with it.

But there’s all sorts of fair use policies that people could technically be using to make copies of protected materials.

So it wasn’t like we could just take something and tear it up (not on self service stuff, we could just refuse service on full serve)

If something that’s really illegal even then you were just supposed to notify a manager.

Even if someone was copying government nuke plans there wasn’t really any liability on our end for self service.

The people get a little card and use that to show us how many copies they make. Unless they voluntarily show us we don’t even have a way of knowing what they’re printing on the floor.

Funny because when I went to kinko’s to print out my Rachel (Blazblue) template, the lady didn’t give me trouble about copyright. Though the guy behind was helped by another lady and he wanted to get a picture of a guy (must have been a relative) printed on heavier stock paper. The guy got questioned if it was copyrighted lol.

That’s because the biggest danger for a place like Kinkos to get sued is from a professional photo studio.

Family portraits (like from JC Penney or whatever) done by a studio that are copyrighted are the one thing they’ll never make an exception for. The studios can lose a lot of money by people buying smaller packages and then reproducing the photos.

Plus it’s not like the Kinkos employees have any clue what Blazblue is.

there’s also some random copyright issue I remember from art school about altering a copyrighted piece 30% or more. if you have taken existing work and altered it (photoshopped yourself a template graphic) say with button layouts, adjusted saturation/colors or applied your own custom design to it, the graphic now belongs to you.

since I usually do quite a bit of altering from a base image if I use existing art, I’ve never had the problem. but yeah, don’t expect an average kinko’s employee to know about this, lol. just ask them for the waiver and tell them to print your shit :slight_smile:

lazy ass kinkos employees haha.

man i wish there were a kinkos in Sydney Australia, they all closed shut up shop lolz

good thing we have a Vinyl printing machine at work. i can print over and over and over again to make sure it comes right colors/size and only pay like $7 for 10x15" piece.

gave up on kinkos years ago when they wouldn’t print what i wanted properly. they wanted to charge me for a crappy print on 8x11 printer paper and tried saying it was photo glossy. pdf was sent for proper size and i even had a thumbdrive with the piece on it. their software had the right dimensions but their printer kept spitting it out bigger or smaller. even the manager stepped in and said i must’ve done something wrong.

week later i found out about our Vinyl printer and 2 minutes later i had my piece printed properly with just a simple “PRINT” button press.

Yeah I found out the hard way that Kinkos is the Best Buy of printing places.

Only static I’ve gotten is about logos, but they printed it anyway.