Cord management

Give me some tips? What do you guys use to tie cables down? Trimming your wires? I need some help for a mess of audio cables… :frowning:

What’s your situation? if you are just looking to group the wires together and keep them a little more organized I would suggest picking up some strips of Velcro where it has both pieces in one strip, one on top and the other on the bottom. I use those to group all of my cables. Twist ties work too.

velcro? damn… i’m dumb

Mixah, I give you…

It’s what I use.


now, what can I do about a power strip? Any way to conceal some of the cords?

It might help if you take a picture of your set up. Might be able to make a better suggestion as to what you’d need to clean it up.

But yeah. Velcro = win. I bought a bunch of these and they’re great.

Man, those Velcro things are awesome. I have one that came with the power cord on my laptop and I always wished I could get more for all my wires that I use on my PS3.

Thanks for that link. :tup:

For audio wire and video wire, I just use standard cable ties. For my controllers and other cables I have to unwrap more often, I REALLY like Cable Clamps.

well… the people above already given what to use, and here is my two cents of what NOT to use

Yes, its convenient, yes, it is cheap, yes it holds the cable together quiet well. but be careful with it. The uncut zip ties actually get into the way of cable organization, and once you cut it,
the edge of the zip tie became extremely sharp (unless you want to sand it down)

At work, I got scratches from my arm when I was doing cable organization at the image stations. I didn’t bleed, but the edges does a very good job at breaking my skins

really? I used to use velcro but found you get a lot of dust and crud sticking to them. Doesn’t hurt performance or anything but it just looks nasty after I vacuum or clean.

For no sharp edges on the Zipties I cut them off with either a concave cable cutter or nail clippers. That and it’s like 2 bucks for 20 at Home Depot.

Wow, I finally got those Velcro One Wraps and they are AWESOME!

Staples sells a pack of 25 for $6.99 but you have to order it online and have it delivered (for free) to the store closest to you.

Office Max sells a 50 pack for $5.99 but the one by me has closed down. Those might be available in the store.

I went around my apartment last night putting these things on all of my corded gadgets. They really are great. Thanks again.


That’s really cheap. I was going to buy some from radioshack the other day, suckers were like $7 for about 6 of them. Total rip off. I ended up buying cable ties :sad:

I drilled a few holes into my desk and mounted the power strip to it with zip ties, lol. I’ve also got the rest of the cords bound together and hug in a similar way along the backside of my desk. No hanging cords, and I’ve got a PS3/360/Computer all hooked up to one monitor on my tiny ass desk.

if you want to go ghetto, just steal some of those things used to tie vegetable bags at the grocery store. the ones that you twist. free cable ties. wont work for thick cables though. lol