Core 2 duo/Core 2 Quad for SFV?


Hello guys before any person decides to kill me I am well aware of the specs but let’s recall them just to be sure.

OS Version
• Recommended: Windows 7 64-bit
• Minimum: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.60GHz
• Recommended: Intel Core i5-4690K @3.50GHz
• Minimum: 6 GB DDR3
• Recommended: 8 GB DDR3
• Minimum: Nvidia GTX 480 (or higher)
o Nvidia GTX 570 (or higher)
o Nvidia GTX 670 (or higher)
o Recommended: GTX 960
• Broadband Connection Required
DirectX Version
• Minimum: DirectX 11
• Recommended: DirectX 11
Sound Card
• Minimum: DirectX compatible soundcard or onboard chipset

Now I would like to know if any of the community had tested them in a Core 2 Duo/ Quad PC at least with one of the cards mentioned or low generation.

P.S: I tested it in a dual core 2.4 ghz, 500GB HDD, 2GB Ram, Nvidia 8800GT 512Mb but when I download the beta and tried to start the game it overheat my good card and it killed it then I tested it in a spare Nvidia GT 210 2Gb overheated my card but it survived, in case you wonder why I tested in a low PC well I am a beta tester and earn my life doing stuff like this even if it means to mess stuff.


I tested an OC Core 2 Quad(Q6600@3ghz) 8GB ram and GTX760 and it ran at a solid 60 fps 1080p med settings(sometimes drops to 58-59 during a critical art then back up to 60 at the end)
Menus and select screen are another story and seem glitch during the beta and frames dropped on my more powerful PC too.


I’m a PC noob its your cards that won’t allow you to play, the Vram on the first card is just atrocious for modern gaming ( I think).

Essential you have 512 mb of ram at the ready and only 2 gigs for reach back… you won’t get far with that set up.


Nvidia 8800GT 512Mb is Directx 10.1, game supports 11+, if you do get it to work you’re going to have bad graphical problems and other shit on top of it running at bad fps that’s not worth it.


I’m sorry dude but you really need to upgrade your shit. 2.4ghz processor? Jesus…


Thanks dude that card is now resting in peace.


Sweet I was talking to a friend and he was mentioning this could work in a quad core, I am glad that you confirmed this to me a million of thanks.


Thanks man I will need to upgrade for a better card as that one is dead + more Ram :wink:


LOL that phrase killed me, but serious talking I am in the middle of upgrading my equipment but I wanted to give it a try, thanks my ride will be upgraded.


my HTPC’s specs and SFV settings
dont hate on a q6600, that boy still has some life on it haha.

only reason im posting is to give a range on where to set your settings on older builds.
frankly i was more impressed my old pc could run the SFV beta decently at 60fps

CPU: C2Q Q6600 @ 2.4ghz (stock)
RAM: 6gb
GPU: Radeon HD 5870

SFV Settings:
Resolution: 720p
(this is biggest hit, just pretend you’re on PS3)
– you can bump it up to 1600x900, just that its gonna drop on occasion (i.e. two V-triggered Ryu chucking fireballs), i’d rather have stable FPS than higher resolution, personally.
Scaling: 100
AA: Medium (this is a cosmetic choice, having AA set to “High” at 720p made it look super blurry)
Post-Processing: Medium (i got 60fps on High/Reccomended settings except when in Bustling Street stage, setting it to Medium alleviated that)
Other settings: Reccomended

so there, you can still SFV on older rigs decently with constant 60fps, just lower the resolution down.


That is a very VERYYYYYY professional specs, this will come handy for everyone who have an old PC, I SALUTE YOU :wink:


I’ve tested it in a very old pc too: core 2 duo E6750@3.2GHz, 8800GT, 4gb ram. The game isn’t even supposed to run (the 8800gt only supports dx10), but it does. With all settings to minimum and at 1280x720 you can play at 60fps with minimum drops now and then. The game looks so bad with this settings but the pain is less if you play on training stage xD. Now, the BIG problem is that the UI is so glitchy. You can’t see the splash screens, the images of menus, the icons at select character and stage screens… and the worst of all is that in-game you can’t see the health bar, the super bar nor the v-gauge bar. :o

So as you can imagine you can’t play the game like this, but if you just want to test some things in training mode it can do the trick.


So this thread is basically about trying to get a toaster to play SFV? Lol


Use this and buy a new rig.


I wish I could get my PC to play SFV AND make toast. I’d never need to leave the room.


Thanks a lot my friend this is indeed interesting, my 8800GT died on my dual core it was overheated when I tested it SFV, thanks for sharing the info bro.


Not really, this post is about testing SFV in a no minimum/maximum marketing requirement PC, it would be silly to buy everything that companies tells us to do :wink:


LOL when you managed that invite me I’ll bring the sodas.


So thats a fancy way of saying yes.

Seems like it was at least able to run any way.


i’m playing it on a E7400 Core2Duo 2.8 GHz + GeForce GTX 660

it runs so and so @ 720p, framerate takes a dip to 45-50 fps during some effects (like Bison’s psycho energy or when characters glow on hit with that fire effect)
game runs noticeably better with everything HIGH than everything LOW, it’s really weird… on LOW i get in-game slowdowns, that aren’t necessarily a framerate issue

meanwhile, the alpha of Unreal Tournament 2015-2016 runs at a more stable framerate ~60fps @ **1080p **with MEDIUM to HIGH settings, open space maps, bots, explosions and stuff…

well, i’ll upgrade soon anyway…