Corkscrew Blow Help (Execution?)


I’ll admit it – I’m quite the amateur when it comes to Dudley. I’ve been a Ryu player for some time, but I’ve finally become bored of the playstyle. I’ve switched over to Dudley in hopes of finding a fresh new beginning; however, I’ve become more and more frustrated as time goes on. Let me explain, if I may.

The execution of juggles, combos, chains – it’s all no problem for me so far, even if it’s not the most technical of stuff I can pull off. The main problem seems to be the links from normals into his SA3. With Ryu, I can use alot of his normals as buffers. For example, with SA1 Ryu I can just and buffer a QCF as the kick comes, if it connects you can pound out a second no problem. I’ve been trying this with some of Dudley’s moves, and I don’t know if it’s timing or what, but nothing seems to go.

c.lkx2 into SA3 is fine, once again you can buffer it – the same goes for his DP cancelled into SA3; however, a into a SA3, or especially the f+rh into SA3 just doesn’t come out, or at least once in a blue moon.

Is it simply my execution? Does it require that strict of timing? Any tricks to it, or am I going to have to just keep pounding the pavement in order to get it out?

I’m sorry if this thread clutters up the boards, I looked back at the older threads (ala viewing “from beginning”), and nothing seems all too clear.

f+rh SA3 isn’t a cancel, it’s a link, so don’t worry about mashing it, just wait for it to hit and try piano’ing the punch buttons at the right time right after the f+rh stops hitting.

Toward Forward gives you more enough time to hit confirm it, you just have to be a little quicker with your buffering. Good practice for buffering supers quicker would set up training mode with parry practice and have Dudley Throw Flowers at you all day or Sean throw basketballs and parry to super. Once you notice you’re pretty used to actually doing a super on reaction pretty fast, the links and Cancels will become a breeze.

Take it from me, Alex - > Dudley was a really fucking hard transition in terms of buffers. That close Forward gave me too much time to throw out a super.

Standing mk is also a link, You don’t cancel it.

but if you absolutely must, I figure landing a sole would be as easy as landing to, SA3 because if you really must, I’m pretty sure you could buffer while you’re pushing the mk.

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