Corner CC

Hey, I’m just starting to get the hang of iori in the A-groove, I’ve been a c-groove user forever but I wanna try out the CC’s. When I’ve got the opponent in the corner, my custom combo goes something like this, it varies of course because I tend to spaz on the moves alot.

jump, activate cc, fierce, land, c.rh xx standing fierce xx jab DP, st. fierce, jab DP, st. fierce, jab DP … lvl 1 Maiden Smasher catches them as juggle.

It only does average CC damage in my opinion, but I like the way it looks. I’d like to get something going that will make it worth my while to use a-groove over LvL3 maiden smasher in c-groove. Please help :slight_smile:

you dont have to listen to me, cause i am kind of a rookie with Iori. but i only use a-groove with him. the CC like to use is pretty simplistic.
it is perty cool though. you might even know it already. just do his strong.DP motion while they block. cancel it over and over again(just like sakuras CC). it does mad chip damage.
But it sux when they do that alpha-counter shit.
thats my input.
just tryin help.


If you do the jab ones, go ahead and let them alpha counter. They’ll get hit, lower their guard meter, and you’ll keep comboing them. Iori GC CC of DEATH :slight_smile: One of the main reasons I still like him.

Just do one of the custom’s listed on Gunter’s site. The one I’m doing right now maxes out to 8000 something damage, without a counter hit, even though it’s unpractical.

(jab dp, close s.rh, roll, jab dp, c.fierce, roll) x 2, (sj. jab x N (4-6)) x 2, land, Maiden Masher.

It’s unpractical because you will roll to the other side if they block and you won’t have a chance to check if you’re better off with the GC CC. The best custom, in terms of practicality and damage would be something like:

jab dp, c.rh (whiff, if they block, you’re still on the same side, and have more than enough time to look and react), jab dp, c.fierce, roll, jab dp, close s.rh, roll, jab dp, c.fierce, whiff c.jab, (sj. jab x N) x 2, Maiden Masher. I know Gunter has a Wine Cup variation but I don’t really know it. Sorry :frowning:


The one that I do is [Jab DP, c.Fierce, roll] x3, Jab DP, s.close RH, c.Fierce x2, Pillar super. If you have trouble doing pillar super, just do c.Fierce x2, rush super.

Thanks for the input guys, especially on the chip CC j.DP idea, never thought of the guard crash effect.

Gandido, am I correct in assuming the maiden smasher in the above combo is an OTG hit? I didn’t know you could do that in CvS2. I’m speaking of the xbox version of course, never played this much in the arcade. It says land in your combo, that’s gotta mean the opponent. In which case it would have to be an OTG hit? Off the grounds are very stylish in my opinion, i’d love to rip a few of those off.

My bad, didn’t see the sj. in front of the jab x N

I do Jab DP, low fierce or close rh (depending on distance), whiff low jab, then jump at them with roundhouse-fierce twice, then roundhouse, jab mash, then one last jab mash and try to get them low enough for super at the end to connect.

Also remember you can CC off a traded jab DP… good to know.

Thanks for the help guys. My customs are really coming along nicely now. You mentioned jab DP followed by either c.fierce or s.RH several times in your combos, are those jab DP’s cancelled or do you let the animation of the DP completely finish and do the normal attack after you land? Silly question I know, but I’m very inquisitive, sorry.

You cancel the Jab DP into the fierce before you leave the ground, this has the effect of knocking them in the air and you staying on the ground. . .

Hi I just started using iori in A-groove aswell, I would like to learn some juggling cc’s I think they are almost impossible to counter unless screwed up, however in my oppinion I don’t think they are that effective in terms of damage level.

I have a cc of Iori’s that is quite effective in terms of (hard to counter if done very quickly, not hard to do, and takes off some valuable life and it is totally a ground cc which is soooooo effective agains High tier and Mid Tier Characters).

Activate cc, st.strong xx, advance strong xx, crouching strong xx,
make a qrtr circle forward with joystick, and continue with advance strong all the way to the corner, once in the corner Crouching Fierce xx, Maiden smasher!!!

Why Is this cc soooo effective and hard to counter?

because at the point when you make that quarter circle forward motion with the joystick, You actually pull out a fireball (iori style)
and when continueing with advance strong You can actually keep your opponent the colour Purple and still effected by the fireball
all the way to the corner, there is absolutely no way your opponent can counter when he is still effected by the fire ball unless you slow down your speed.

anyways, try it, it works!!!

** kusanagi/yagami**

Instead of doing all of them stongs, why don’t you just do, c.rh’s and then into a maiden masher if are gonna do it like that. The c.rh would do more damage. A better way to end it would be if you are near the corner, you can stop the c.rh and go into 2 quick c.fp into the projectile super + fierce dp to end it. The projectile super + the f.dp does about 1000 more damage then a suckie level one maiden masher. Haven’t you seen those vivids??? its because of those vivids that i stopped using A iori. I stopped because i can’t consistanly end with the projectile super and since i can get that last part to connect all the time, i only use iori in c groove. into level 2 maiden, cancel into level 1 does more then any of iori’s A groove customs that end with the maiden masher. Well, thats only the half truth. If you can do f.dp cancels roll repeat into a maiden masher, then i believe that would do more damage then his C groove cancel.

A groove iori does kick ass, but if you can’t do the projectile super + f.dp to end his customs or atleast the f.dp cancel roll, then he doesn’t really strike fear into anyone because level 1 maiden masher does weiner damage and so do standing foward. mp’s.


I Agree with you I will try thanks not a bad technic for more damage level however mine does eliminate percentage chance of any counter.

Bad players find ways to complain, while good players find ways to beat their opponents!!!

There is no opponent that can’t be beaten!!!

Message from Kusanagi/Yagami thx to Mark111.

kusanagi/yagami - counter???

I don’t get what you are trying saying about this countering business. When you start hitting them inside a cc, or just any combo at that (meaning actual hits, not hits being blocked…), they can’t counter your hits… The only thing i can think of when you say counter is, alpha counter, but you can’t do that when you are being hit. Alpha counters work as expensive parries, costing a 1 level bar. The only time of which alpha counters would be used is if you are blocking a super or when they activated their cc, missed, and use the rest of their bar doing chip damage.

Even if you were talking about alpha counters, i still don’t really get what you were tring to say… if their is a way to counter when you are being nailed by a cc, combo, or a super, i’d like to hear it…, but you can’t be talking about that because its impossible… so you must be talking about alpha countering while in block stun right???

Iori CCs I usually do:

dp + jab, cr.RH x 8, hcb + fierce, qcf-hcb + punch

Mid-Range Blowthrough:
hcb + RH, cr.Rh x 8, hcb + fierce, qcf-hcb + punch

dp + jab x n (untill GC), [CC end] hcb-twd + punch, s.strong, twd.strong, qcb + fierce x 3

Pillar versions tend to add 200-300 dmage, so I don’t usually bother, but that’ll change soon, because every little bit does count. I personally think Maiden Masher has more style though.

kusanagi/yagami - counter???

YEah I am talking about alpha counter, okay Maybe I’m wrong ,
but I thought you could counter even if you are eating a cc
and I do know that k-groove for sure and i think p-groove have the ability to interupt cc’s with their Speed Priorities when I mean speed I mean the moves come out faster than other grooves, for example if you take a C-groove Sagat and a K-groove Sagat and go one on one boxing match with either crouching fierce or even Standing fierce, then K-groove sagat’s punches will come out faster and especially when in RAGE.
I’m sorry, I must have made a mistake but I was pretty sure that you could do an alpha counter even while eating a cc if Timed properly.

** to kusanagi/yagami**

what are you smokin dude, moves don’t come out faster in K and P grooves, i still have no idea of what ever the hell it is you are talking about. Your just noticing move priorities and i guess invinicibly frames off of level 2 + 3 supers and certain character moves like dps and stuff. Or maybe you are just begining to notice that when you jd’ed something there isn’t any block stun and that you are just parrying a hit when you hit them back or something… Anyways, i have no clue on what i just said myself, i think i make more sense then you with you “speed priority” talk. I mean, if K and P grooves really did have “speed priorities”, which they don’t by the way, then that would mean, A groove Sagat doing a c.fp would get beat out by a K groove Benimaru’s c.fp…, and that just doesn’t happen buddy, doesn’t matter what groove your in. The only thing that beats out Sagats c.fp is Athena’s c.fp and well, another Sagat, but that could end in a trade off as well.

Oh, Rage doesn’t make you faster…, it gives you a 15 percent defence bonus and a 35 percent attack bonus… oh, and the strongest level 3 super, but NOT SPEED!!!

And just so you don’t make anymore assumptions…, NO you can’t alpha counter, jd, or parry out of a super, cc, or just a regular combo if you are being hit by it. You can do all of those things if you are blocking it, but not if you are already being nailed - meaning taking damage thats not block damage or chip. If you could, then no one would A, C, or N because everyone would pick K and P, which just doesn’t happen.

Back to Iori…, he kicks ass. C groove Iori all the way. K groove Iori is good too, but his roll is too damn quick for me to give up in pvp. Some people would prolly say they use him in N, but I was never much of a N groove supporter to begin with.

Here’s one that I’ve done countless times:

Roll, activate(hoping your opponent is in the middle of a move), jab dp, c. rh until near the corner, cancel into a jab dp, c. rh, halfcircle back + k until near end of meter and then maiden masher.

22 hits and lots of damage. I’d say about half of the bar is gone.

Iroi in K?

Its all about Iori in P-groove. Yeah P-groove A-groove is okay and C-groove anybody is good. The reason I say P-groove is because you can Parry one part of any combo to deadly flower are maiden masher, If the bar is full. Any Questions contact me and some give a list of captions Like whats a cc. And No! I’m not a rooky. later. :mad:

Am I the only who found that post hilarious?

For your anti-air and mid range, the hcb+rh doesnt do enough damage by that time. It’ll do just as much damage as a cr.RH, so it makes more sense to do a couple more cr.rhs or jumping jabs. Also, for the GC, I feel its relatively ineffective to use the strong, twd strong change after scum gale because it only does 100 or so more damage, and is much harder to time.

The problem is, Iori loses all mobility. Plus you’re on friggin EO, so that maiden masher doesnt work for actual play. Regardless, in P, all he can do is sit back and parry, and its rather difficult to parry and counter attacks that wont get knocked down by the first rekka ken. i.e. air moves and other easily telegraphed moves. So you’re basically a sitting duck with nothing to do but to try to parry grounded pokes.

I think that the HCB+RK is pretty much worthless in CCs. You cant do them fast and they dont do much damage in the first place. MAYBE, and I say maybe, as an opener for a CC, but not much else, except style.

lmao dude you gotta get off of the crack pipe. You should take down that av immediately seeing as how your not even close to knowing what your talking about.