Corner combo to unblockable timing

If I’m Sentinel and I do hk,,,,, rocket punch then pause j.fp,

Is there a certain timing to do the unblockable on these characters: Psylocke, Magneto, Storm, Sentinel, Cable, Capcom, Cyclops?

I’ve spent at least an hour on Cable alone and only performed at most 14 unblockables within that hour. What I use for timing the unblockable on Cable is his rolling animation after he gets stomped by Sentinel’s foot. (the animation: cable hovers an inch above the ground and then he starts rolling) (i have a small tv)

What do you use for the timing? Animation of the sprites? Counting alligators in your mind? etc. Any help would be appreciated on learning unblockables after a corner combo.

Hmmm. This is a hard one to explain, but not as hard to do. If you have anything that records, DVR, cam corder, tape it and review the times you did get it.

If not, then what I do is just pause. For 1 second. Exactly like …one.

If that still doest work, the best way is to learn the timing the laser disappears. Right when the laser disappears is when the unblockable happens. Keep practicing the timing.

i dont think i’ve ever gotten one of sent’s unblockables. i just practiced for over an hour and still couldnt do any?!?! not to be in to myself, but im pretty damn good on timing and i tried a 100 different variations. for that setup, am i supposed to hit them when they’re hovering? or when they start to roll back? sometimes they dont roll, but i understand you should STILL be able to do the unblockable

i thought this setup would be easier:

launch,,, U/F RP, pause, lk, mk (pops them in the air a little) then i go for the c.hp.

but i cant get that timing either. whats more important? hitting them RIGHT before they hit the ground? or the timing on when you do the beam(the 2nd hit)?