Corner combos.



I just did this one on Seth, it seemed like the only way to get 3 stored fireballs in a combo.

f.j mp (height is very important, needs to hit somewhere on the thigh, I say on the bottom 3rd of the thigh.) release the upward fireball, mp, fb, mp, fb, mp, hk tatsu thing. 11 hits, 328 damage, 388 stun. I did it with in the video, I think standing/crouching is just dependent on where you are after the first fireball if the standing mp will reach, pretty sure it makes no difference to the dmg or stun.

Trickier version with 2 bars, I can’t complete it but seems possible.

Same jump forward mp on the thigh, release upward fireball, c.hp, release medium fireball,, hktatsu fadc, mp, release fireball into…whatever you want.

I play Ryu so… :confused: sorry about the tatsu whatevers I think you guys can translate!


I don’t want to be a dick but 3 fireball combos are extremely useless. Especially during post stun due to the damage scaling. The damage you get here with 3 fireballs is still less than you can get midscreen with only 1 fireball stored and 2 bars (377 dmg). Also most of this stuff has been already explored and explained in the combo thread. We also have a Q&A thread. Just don’t make a new thread for every video you do lol.

Btw what is far more practical in the corner is: cl.MP xx MK release, cl.MP xx LK release, cr.HP xx HK Senpusha. I don’t know how much damage it does but it’s my post stun combo. I usually try to reset my opponent with a throw during this combo depending on how much the damage is scaled and how close to death he is.


Thanks Shiroyasha. I’ve just started playing around with Juri. I was doing this kind of stuff just to get used to her fireballs. Thanks for the tips!

This combo was actually really tricky for me to get the jump in mp to connect with the fireball.


That combo would never be used in a real situation unless you have reads like Jesus.


Doing Cr.HP>Release>CR.MP>H.Pinwheel does way more damage and is more optimal in corner than 3 fireballs. 3 fireballs is only good if you were able to do the extended FSE combos and you got to be lucky still.