corner combos



I just picked up yang from rufus and was just curious about some corner combos to practice. are there a wide variety or just palm reset combos? and does u1 work in corner with dash juggle? i cant seem to get it to work. maybe u2. any insight will be appreciated


Think of ultra 1 as a normal, if a normal can’t hit in a juggle U1 wont either, after 2 Cl. MKs in a combo you’re out of juggle points and all that’s left is Yang’s Rollkicks, Ultra 2(no animation), or MP/HP which both have the pursuit property.

If something combos into HP it will combo into MP as well, but you probably want HP.
If something combos into Ultra 2 it will combo into EX Rollkicks as well, you can have reasons to withhold ultra or your meter on these.

Fierce Palm(point blank) > EX Rollkicks/Ultra 2
Fierce Palm(Further out) > HP

EX Slashes > MK Rollkicks/Ultra 2
EX Slashes > walk back > HP

Mantis Slash(3) > FADC> HK Rollkicks

Cl. MK > MP Palm > MK Rollkicks/Ultra 2
Needs a perfect palm to work on Sagat, though if you do hit the proper time it’s very noticable and you can do HK Rollkicks instead.
HK Rollkicks also work on Dhalsim.
Cl. MK > Cl. MK > HK Rollkicks(if you hit this as high as possible while still getting the two hits you can do another EX Rollkicks)

Focus Attack Level 2/3(Varies by character) > Backdash > EX Palm(hits late) > Fierce Palm > HP

Corner Style:
Target Combo 3 > EX Rollkicks

Cl. MK > Cl. MK > HK Rollkicks(2nd hit) > HK Rollkicks


thanks. thats just what i needed to know. also can u do anything off mp palm after a combo? say hpxmp.palm xx? besides fadc?


super cancel…other then that, nope


thanks. still getting used to him but got a long way to go. at least getting some wins. fadc out of slashes is really bothering me. just not fast enough yet. thanks for the help