Corner EX NDL -> EX DRA Worth it?

Do you guys think this combo is worth the meter it uses up? I’ve been experimenting with a couple of corner EX NDL set ups and this one seems alright.

No, I don’t think it’s worth it, unless you want to finish the match in a stylish way. You need to conserve meter. I don’t think it does enough damage to make it worth using in that kind of position.

If you’re close enough you can do plenty without burning the extra meter:
EX NDL > jab > whatever
You have to be super close to do this though and I don’t see why you would use EX NDL from this close. The reset off the jab is pretty good though, because it ranges well for UOH > SAI, walk up throw, walk up cr.LK xx LP AXE xx SAI and so on. You can cancel the jab reset into HP AXE too, for chip damage I guess, but a lot of pe
Again, you have to be really close to work so it’s not going to happen too often, but it’s guaranteed damage + knockdown.
EX NDL > st.MP
Works from about st.MP range. Again, not an ideal place to use EX NDL but it works.
EX NDL > st.HK
Works from about mid-screen (don’t do this on Chun)
Works from just under fullscreen on Chun-Li and Elena, maybe some others too, haven’t really tried it against the whole cast.

Any further out and it’s best just to follow EX NDL with the usual - meter building with cr.MP, taunt, whatever.

I don’t own 3S on console so I can’t compare damage with your combo against what I posted but I’m 99% sure you’ll find it’s not worth it overall.

Well from what you’ve listed, I’ve already been doing the AXE in the corners a lot. It sucks how the whole thing doesn’t hit though =[

EX NDL into Sweep also works, just tested it out. Interesting to use since most people won’t see the sweep coming and they most likely wont be able to roll from it. Unless they’re mashing of course.

There’s much more expeditious ways to make use of the corner when an opponent is there. One of the best reasons to use EX NDL is simply to coax the opponent into jumping or wasting their time parrying the two hits, which usually results in them getting damaged anyway.

The dive should come after words near opponent’s wakeup (unless opponent can actually parry the EX or if it’s a shota, be wary). One of the more efficient setups I find with the EX NDL corner is chip if you’re near victory and opponent gets desperate, trying to throw a projectile or super. Some such.

Chances are if you cornered opponent and EX NDL and it did connect, it’s best to go with the options of UOH to super-- crLK to AXE to XNDL, – etc,

The point of the EX in my personal opinion is to continue keeping the pressure with a poke on wakeup, or a parry then poke/grab expecting opponent to super or shoryu or what have you. But really the EX NDL should be an opportunity to keep your distance and probably continue wishing with EX dive or build meter. At least that’s from my experience, most opponents tend to jump towards you trying to avoid needle. No matter how hard they try to avoid it. If they do, you’ll just poke and punish them on the ground. It helps to practice those IAD’s with the Axe kick as some opponents typically turtle on wakeup too. If they don’t, at least test their parrying ability.

Definitely not worth it, but very stylish.

At close range (and even better, at close range against a cornered opponent):
I like to use EX NDL > jump cancelled st. MK then airdash toward enemy while they’re landing; very confusing! You can whiff and throw, whiff and cr. LK etc., whiff and parry a reversal dragon, whiff and back dash xx SAI if you see them try to throw etc etc
BTW, started Twelve a week ago, he’s very amusing to play (frustrating sometimes, but very funny to play with)

And that connects? Wow, that’s surprising. SAI is sooo slow.

I made a mistake in my post, it’s just walk back and not back dash.
If you back dash you don’t have time, but if you just walk back a little it works.
And yes you have time if you “prepare the 2* qcf” and drum punches on reaction when you see the throw.
But it won’t work on characters that have good kara throws like Chun, Q, Gouki etc because you’d still be in their throw range.

Ahhhh, walking back and then doing the super makes sense.

Anyone who has used Twelve for longer than a few minutes is a winner in my book. :cool:

In the corner, EX N.D.L., standing HP does the most damage. I stick with that. 23 damage on Ryu which is roughly 13% damage. I wanna say A.X.E. does like 18 dmg. EX D.R.A. will do a whole point damage - 24 total damage, woot! But yeah, kinda difficult and such a waste of bar. Better to use it when you yourself are stuck in the corner.

Though I never thought of that standing MK (reset) to air dash mix-up, gotta go to the lab and see it for myself. Sounds awesomes!

I wish there was a perfect corner reset opportunity to SAI like Ryu. (Two-in-one SAI, standing MP (reset) UOH or crouching MK to SA1. The range sets it up perfectly so that the super will link if you go high, but at max range still to hit low with crouching MK) Sorry to get off topic but just to give an idea.