Corner F Throw 'Reverse' Blockable/Unblockable

I found a viper corner ‘unblock’ after a forward throw for a handful of characters about a month ago. Wanted to flesh it out a bit more before i posted it up but marvel came out so got distracted, finally got around to having a look at it again. Turns out she can setup some nice corner unblocks and reverse block cross ups with the right setups. Reverse block in the sense that its a cross up but they have to block towards the corner to block the cross up if you time it right, and you still land in the corner against most chars it works on. Anyways here are the setups:

Setup 1: f throw ex seismo (whiff) OR cr mk (whiff)-cr mp(whiff) [two plinkable 1f links, semi tricky] jump f hk/mk (time like the akuma unblock kinda, up around the shoulders)
-works on dan(hk works), sakura (hk-cant dash under if done late/hp/mk-cant dash f out if use), makoto (mk = unblock, hk works but makes reverse blockable and dont cross over), viper(hk/hp/mk), dictator (hk only), cody(mk or late hk/mk, hk whiffs if neutral but cant dash out), hakan(hk/hp works), guile (unblock, hk/mk), cammy (hk works, setup = whiff lp tk*), sagat (mk only, setup = whiff lp tk*), abel (hp only), rufus (hp only)
*Cammy and sagat wake up 1f later thus a diff setup is used

Setup 2: f+ mp (whiff), sj f jump hk/mk
-works on sakura (can?t dash f under hk or mk), juri (mk is unblock but can whiff holding DB), abel, viper (whiffs hk if blocks towards corner, mk doesn?t whiff and cant dash f under), hakan (hp also), guile (hk/hp only), zangief (hp also, beats kick lariat, whiffs hp lariat), rufus (hp also), fuerte (unblockable), cammy (setup = whiff m tk sj hk/mk reverse block don?t cross over after hk do cross over after mk. Other setup = far st mp, cr mp whiff sj mk), sagat (setup = whiff m tk sj hk/mk but do it high, reverse block whiffs if neutral, cross over OR far st mp, cr mp whiff sj mk norm height)

Setup 3: Off Sweep in the Corner [credit to H_Dee for finding the l tk feint setup] buffer l tk feint works against same chars as f throw reg jump setup [see above for char specifics] but also; works on ryu/ken/dhalsim/cody(cant f dash out of) if cross LATE hk only (reverse blockable), for cammy reg seismo feint cross up FIERCE only (reverse blockable) & sagat seismo feint cross up hk only (reversse block), blanka st lk whiff (cant plink) cross hk (reverse blockable), ibuki (jump hk/mk unblockable, setup = m tk feint)

-If it says hk works (or doesnt specify) it means both jump hk and mk prob work (didnt test them all but pretty sure they do), if says unblock its an unblockable, if it says mk only or hk only the alternative wont work and will prob whiff.
-Chars that can escape with dash f: some chars can dash f to duck under your jump in, these are; guile, sagat, sakura (reg jump setup but not if jump mk or late hk), viper, cody (unless do jump attack late), ibuki, dhalsim
-Counter to dash f escapes delay jump f hk/mk to punish dash f escapes: f dash will get tagged by almost meaty jump hk. For sagat use delayed jump f mk only (hk whiffs)

So if you time it right (has to be to the exact frame) you will get a cross up that must be blocked towards the corner or an unblock. If you delay your jump in a frame or two it will become a regular cross up and has to be blocked normally.

Sorry no vid cbf’d, feel free to make one though

Edited with new setups and chars

Watch out, eventhubs might steal it from you


This is old,all the top players have known about this since Vanilla.

Why have i never seen the top players use these then? Get off the troll

lol stupids trolls XD

i test it and i can get the unblockable on guile and makoto only
any tip to get it vs el fuerte and juri?

Have to use the f+mp sj f setup for those two (mk for juri hk for fuerte). Plink f+mp, has to come out on the first frame.

to be fair, kirballs isnt totally trolling, some pros have done setups that allow unblockable in the corner with viper before.
just have to pay attention.
But i haven’t seen a, whiff then jump…or at least i havent been paying attention

The reason i dont think this has been known before is because viper cant get an unblock in the corner unless you are coming in at the exact right frame. Working on the same principal other unblocks work on, where the hitbox in proximity block and non proximity block determine whether you get crossed up or not and thus cant be blocked except with just frame blocking. I’ve never seen anyone use first setup before (dont think the second either altho im not 100%), anyways have a look at the exactness of the setups, you have to whiff a certain move(s) then jump in with the right normal against the right char. Thats pretty specific, ppl would notice setups so specific.

Also mid screen off a back throw i dont think viper gets an unblock,maybe theres a setup but since shes spaced so far it would be very hard to time right id gander. Only other unblock setup ive heard of is the burn kick one mid screen, and again thats nothing like these corner ones.

yea im sure the timing is strict, but its possible to acheive that timing by doing somehting else other than whiffing normals.
I dont remember anyone doing ur setups, 1 or 2. But i do know that the pros are aware of the unblockable setups in the corner, and yes that mid screen bk one too.

ill try your setups later on, but all im saying is that other people may time it differently, and that i do know people out there are aware of the corner unblockable setup.

double post

I tried and tested almost every possible permutation of whiffed moves to achieve the right setup and no it doesnt work that way. You have a number of frames you have to fill and unless you hit that number you aint getting the unblock/reverse block setup in the corner. Of course ppl know about corner unblocks, akumas has been known for a while, its a matter of finding the setups (if a char even has the potential in the first place) geez, stop talking about something you dont fully comprehend lol

vs makoto i do x2> unblockable
vs guile i do instant air lk burning kick> unblockable

i can’t get your set up vs el fuerte and juri but i get the reverse block on shotos lol

I dunno about*2, if you do it just frame you will be too fast and hit the ground before they even wake up i think. Insta air bk wont be reliable enough if you’re looking for a just frame setup.

It works on shotos? Hmmm let me check. Edit- yeh as i thought it doesnt work on shotos, while it appears to work when you actually control the shoto they can block either direction so useless.

well, im not going push this anymore, but i know lainysky can back me up on this.
Either way, good find candeisis, i’ll try it out.

Good stuff man. Yeh i tried everything to punish the f dash outs for the chars who can escape that way, and i figured the best way to punish them is use a jump mk (if it hits and stops the dash out, works on a few) or time the jump in a frame or two later and do the jump h higher, this will then tag the f dash attempt out leading to a big punish.

Oh you found a setup off sweep, godlikeeeee, i didnt think to try a tk feint for then, awesome.

can you post some vids of the orginal setups?

thx,mainly the, lptk whiff ones

lol I do this all the time didn’t know it was an unblockable though I thought it was just a safe jump.

Ah, you’ve written that everything about the char has already been discovered in the other thread, yet you do not seem to understand what’s happening here.
And I seriously doubt you do it all the time because

  • it’s character specific
  • the timing is just frame
  • the spacing is the shortest horizontal space gap managed by the engine.

That’s why such setups are usually needed to use unblockables intentionally.