corner inf #2

first of all, is this even worth learning?

is the doom corner combo c.hp /\ sj.lp ad/f lk hk (fly) lk lp hk {(fly) lk hk} (repeat bracket)

is that the combo?

if yes, i cant do it right. after i ad/f lk and hk i fly but the opponent either drops or the hit goes through but it doesnt combo. i have been able to combo the hit about 4 times but even then i mess up. i do the lk lp hk and refly but the opponent always drops. can anyone help me?

yea, that lk mk doesn’t work. i’ve tried it also. anyway what you want is ur character to be above u when doing that infinite combo. it’s all about the correct height. i’ve been practicing it constantly, and sometimes height didnt even matter to me, i did it on one of the smallest characters such as bbhood.

when doing the infinite, i suggest u launch, lk and mp (pressed quickly side by side) then a small pause with a hk. and do a flymode full half circle motion. and immediate reconnecting lk and mp. and repeat. you have to get the rythym down or else u can’t work ur way up to the top of the screen. its tough, i suggest you start with sentinel then work ur way to cable, magneto, and whoever else is smaller… it is possible.

again for infinite

launch, (lk mp quickly) small pause then hk, full half circle fly mode. dont think about the enemy falling down quickly, the char will stay there. right after u do fly mode, do an immediate lk to catch it again. but rmember do it with a rythym, hope this helps.