Corner Juggles with Mantis Slash

I have seen videos where Yang juggles them with slashes after he launches them with cl. MK or the palm.

I heard somewhere that it is fierce slash, jab slash, then you can reset them with st. fierce.
I always seem to recover way too slow after the 2 slashes, and end up not being able to do the st. fierce. What am I doing wrong? Is it character specific or something?

I have no idea how these slashes recovery and things work.

Also there is a 5 slash juggle in the corner, is that character specific?
And which slashes do I use.

For the first juggle, you cancel from the fierce slash into the jab one rather fast (this is why you do the jab one; it recovers faster), and then do st. fierce not quite immediately. AFAIK that particular juggle should work on everyone.

I think corner palm juggles only work on characters with wide falling hitboxes, like chun, q, etc. You can go: palm, fierce slash xx jab slash, pause, fierce slash x3. The pause is necessary to ensure that you don’t cancel the jab slash into a 3rd slash (the knockdown one), since after any slash except a knockdown one, there’s a period of time in which it looks like yang is in lag, but you can actually cancel into the next slash; you need to wait until after that period.

Also, I think on q, you can juggle with 5x ex slashes, but it’s harder to keep track of when to cancel into the next slash b/c you have to keep track of how he’s falling, i.e. since ex slashes are so much faster than reg. ones, it’s more difficult to space the pauses in between to keep hitting q.

In any case, just keep experimenting and watching videos; hope that helped.

Thanks, this brings up a new question. I thought if you start the Mantis slash with fierce, the next Mantis slash will also be fierce slashes. So that is not true?
Does this mean if I do cr. MK to fierce Mantis slash combo, but I do the last 2 slashes with jab, I get less damage?

Are there any post-palm corner juggles that work on other characters, or work universally on everyone? I can do st. fierce after the palm sometimes but it seems like it does not always work. Can I do 3 slashes after palm?

(1) Each individual slash depends on which strength you press.
(2) That’s exactly right. So if you choose to use them in a punishment situation, you’d go with all fierce to maximize damage. They’ll be the most unsafe slashes you can do (ie. if they were to be blocked), but that wouldn’t be an issue when it’s a guaranteed hit.

I haven’t tested it, but I thinks st. fierce after palm works on everybody. I guess there’s no universal slash combo after corner palm, b/c again, it only works on characters with wide enough falling hitboxes.

Thanks these were exactly the kind of answers I was looking for.

Also, slightly related to part (1)… I guess this is the reason why in the SA3 combos you do fierce slash then jab slash right?
After the jab slash, do I have to walk forward a little bit, then do st. LK and cancel that into another fierce slash, jab slash, repeat?

you don’t have to walk forward, you just pause for a split second then continue the reps, basically waiting for a couple hit animations to finish then continue

hmm,for some reason i can’t replicate this juggle vs Q (just tried a couple times)
i will need to experiment / vary the strenght of the tourouzans,i guess (9:44)

here’s another crazy one vs Q [courtesy of flo]

air target combo (mk - df mk),cr lk x 2,ex tourouzans
then you re-start the juggle with one ex tourou and finally regular mantis x3

edit :
just tried the “flo special” again and ended up with 14 hits . what the hell ?
those tourouzans are so mysterious…