Corner Juggles



For the corner tackle juggle combo, whats the best way to get the 3rd tackle in? (The C.HP, L or MK Tackle, Fireball, Tackle, Tackle.)

can anyone tell me how to do it exactly? (which buttons to use…)


tackle, fireball, tackle doesn’t work on everyone

Easiest and Chun, Q and Necro (but you can also do it to Makoto, Alex, Elena, Dudley, Urien, and more I’m sure I’m forgetting)

it’s cr.hp, lk tackle, mp fireball, hk tackle, mk (or lk) tackle

The timing is pretty tight on this, the normal one is

cr. hp, lk tackle, lp fireball, lk tackle


at least i kno which buttons to press now…thx

Can anyone explain Charge Buffering, or a good way to get the 3rd tackle off, instead of a normal move?


When executing the second tackle, hit forward then go to back again quickely then hit roundhouse for execution. This gives you the correct charge time for the third tackle to juggle.

p.s. The timing on this stupid combo is tough, I remember when I first saw Tokido do it on J Wong, I was like :eek: :eek: :confused: :lol:


you forgot 12.