[Corner] Juggling

I have a few questions regarding juggling using Akuma. By juggling I mean using primarily lp & UOH to rush your opponent into a corner. I’ve seen it done, but am uncertain about a few things, mainly:

   Execution: I've tried Fierce -> Short Hurricaine -> Jab, which doesn't seem to work in the arcade version of 3s. I've also cosidered initiating a juggle after Roundhouse Air-Hurricaine connects, but have yet to get it to work.

    Linking: How many times can one Dash -> Jab in a row? How is the Dash/Jab & UOH best combined? Variations, etc.

    In-Game: Is juggling, in-game against mid-high calibur opponents practical? Or am I better off using an opening to strike with a Combo -> Super?

Any tips, advice appreciated…

the juggles youre talking about look real pretty and all, but i wouldnt really use it in real matches. if youre just messing around or showing off against in casuals, why not. If its a match you are serious about, use that meter if you want to jab reset or atleast stick with solid stuff. If i get something into a short hurricane i dont even bother with reset supers. I simply fierce uppercut and save that meter.

For max damage ia a row I use classic Gouki combo(HP/MK/cr.MK, LK-Tatsu, LP-SRK->SAI) then try to juggle with LP-SRK->SAI and then LP-SRK again. But I do it only if I see that i can KO the opponent with this.

The other set-up is stop doing combo after LK-Tatsu hit, reset with HP, then hit cornered opponent with UOH and follow it with a SAI(7 hits combo).

And the last…if the opponent is going to stun, I seldom do HP-jump-in, MK, LK-Tatsu, LP-juggle,{for further hits the opponent must already be in stun} UOH, SA I, TAUNT, classik SAI combo from a HP jump-in, juggle with LP-SRK

Are you talking about when people use Akuma to do a juggle where he does lp reset, dash, lp reset again, dash, lp, etc etc? That only works if the opponent is stunned.
So for example - you do Fierce, lk hurricane. If that has stunned them, then you can juggle with lp, dash and repeat a total of 5 times. Some people do the lp three times, UOH, then a special move for the last hit.

If they weren’t stunned, then the only thing you can hit them with after lp reset is a super. Besides, if you actually hit them with a lk hurricane, the last thing you should do is super unless you know it will kill them. Just go for dragon, RH hurricane with taunt, or reset then carry on the pressure. If its against a character who doesn’t have a good anti air, then you can try HP reset cancelled into demon flip - that puts a lot of pressure on the opponent.

That actually explains alot. All the videos I’m watching have the opponents stun meter on high by the time Akuma initiates his combos. In that case, what is the best way to stun an opponent using Akuma (ANY kick + Shoryuken, ANY kick, UOH/Fierce/Forward, Demon Flip, ANY kick, etc., etc. [Demon Flip Rushdown]). Again, I realize this is highly impractical stuff which I’m looking to use for casual play and against CPU.


Just copied this over from the combos thread :arazz:

That 50% stun combo is quite nice. I actually dont know how much stun it does - just enough that my rush game changes once I land it so that I can stun the guy within the next few seconds with command overheads and/or backthrows.
Divekick, HP, mk tatsu, mp shoryuken.
The last shoryuken is hard to link depending on character. If you get very good at it, cancel the last srk into super for style points.

I now realise that it does much more than 50% stun on Ken. I did the combo twice in a row on a Ken player once, and the second time round he was stunned before the final mp dragon.

Good variations and follow ups on this combo are:
Instead of the last mp dragon, do a RH hurricane which will juggle for 2 hits and give you time to safely do a taunt. Remember that Akuma’s taunt is very useful.
If you landed this combo in the corner, then cancel the last mp dragon into a super, then juggle straight after the super with the RH hurricane and do a taunt.

Landing the last mp dragon or RH hurricane is actually quite hard. Even though I can do it with a bit more consistency than before, I still can’t do it better than 60% of the time on shotos. Certain other characters are harder/easier. Chun, twins, Alex - easier. Dudley, Hugo - impossible. Cancelling the dragon into super makes things infinitely harder.

If you think that you dont want to risk trying to land the last special move, go for a medium demon flip instead and let it go into the sweep. If the opponent quick recovered after the mk hurricane, the sweep from the demon flip will hit them very meaty - usually confuses them and they get hit.

This combo doesn’t necessarily have to start with the dive kick, but the dive kick does some decent stun as well as getting you close to the opponent. A normal jump in HP or HK may do as much stun, but it will be harder to combo a standing HP into the mk hurricane properly.

These combos are incredibly stylish and very very useful. I dont see them being used often which is sad because Akuma’s dive kick isn’t that hard to land on people when you compare it to the twins dive kick - and when it does land - it can always be followed up with damaging combos.
Not only that, if they block the dive kick, you can still do the HP which they’ll have to block (unless your dive kick hit them too shallow) and cancel that into a demon flip grab or hurricane or whatever you want to do to continue the pressure.

I actually might make a vid showing this combo and some of its variants. Not sure if the explanation above made the combo clear…