Corner preassure with sonic booms



Hey yall so I started looking at guile and one thing I cant figure out is how to do corner pressure with booms. Ive seen combo videos were people get jump in hk, cr or st hp- light boom into cr med into boom.
How do people get enough charge time after the first boom? I really need to know and learn how to get that pressure and hit confirms with him.


You can poke at them with lows which allow you to charge, or do a standing normal and start charging during it’s startup to get some charge. Also, when you have them in the corner, you can just wait and crouchblock and look for things to punish or counter, such as jumps, while charging. You can also use guiles back lk and back hk to move forward and poke while also charging. His normals are good, use them to pressure. You don’t even need charge to pressure, in fact his backhand move seems AMAZING in the corner, I catch sooooo many attempted jumps with it when they are cornered. I only just started playing guile maybe a week or two ago though, so don’t take just my word for it.


@Gameneo‌ I had tutorial videos on YT that went into detail on how to charge sonic booms the way you’re describing but alas, I gave my channel away to someone and deleted all of my footage.


when you throw the sonic boom, you charge back, then forward, then back, then hit the punch. Doing that takes alot more effort than the normal way of doing booms, but it give you faster charge time that you can boom,, boom. I never seen people do that in tournaments though, nor have I seen anyone do it online, I only see it in combo videos.

Guile has a respectable corner pressure game, however I find that if you are facing a character with better normals than standing HP, you will end up on the losing side of that exchange.


I do it all the time when the opportunity arises.