Corner Pressure (Karas, Normals, Fuhaswapping)

*big edit and note: All of these were tried on a low blocking juri. Going to ryu blocking low changes everything, bu the fundamentals are the same.

edit: Kara Store/Release ([media=youtube]6GPpgWAMWpo[/media])*
Yay computer blue screening and getting rid of my thread. I’ll try again.

I’ve been trying to work on a few things in the corner to keep us pressuring and doing the most damage we can. The biggest problems I find in corner pressure is juggling fireballs, and push back. Here are things I’ve been working on to cover these two things

I used to call this silent releasing but I like this term better. Its when your holding a fireball, you store another but release the first. Example: You were holding mid fireball, you stored low and let go of mid. Now you only have low stored regaining your mk button.

Example of pressure
** - xx low store (KD). mid store. xx low release > low store (mid release) > xx low release. **-What this does is covers your tail and gives you the option to mid fireball for more damage. If the low hit, you could just c.hp xx mid release > xx pinwheel. If blocked, you can let go of the mid while storing a low then continue with another round of xx low

Kara Store
Try this string: xx low release > xx low store > xx low release > low store > xx release. The last whiffs.

Now try. xx low release > xx low store > xx low release > Kara low Store > xx release > Sweep (optional super instead of sweep)

  • This works because the fuhajin store cancels the’s start up and moves forward. This isn’t that bad. I really like it although there are holes in this.

Another Example

  • xx low store (hit and KD) > mid store + immediate release (hits blocking low) > xx release low> low store > xx release. The last mk whiffs.

Now try. ** xx low store (hit and KD) > mid store + immediate release (hits blocking low) > xx release low > Kara low store > xx release > sweep **

  • This can also be used in footsies. One, at this range the fireball kick stuffs a lot of pokes. Two, if you look at the training room floor, her max range for her is when foots shadowtouches the line touching the super bar on P2. Nudge over just a hair and you hit. When that shadow touches the line it whiffs. If you Kara store, that puts you in range

Max Range: xx ex low. Fireball Store. xx release. whiffs without kara store. You CAN walk forward a hair and it does the same thing as the kara store.

However, if you’re at max range of and you use xx ex low. Kara Fireball Store. xx release is a better option imo because it stuffs more reversals than The kara puts you in range for

Kara Release
Try this string one more time. Same as above. xx low release > xx low store > xx low release > low store > xx release. The last whiffs.

Now try.

  • xx low release > xx low store > xx low release > low store > Kara release > xx hk pinwheel (optional super).
  • This works because you can cancel the startup with a fireball release. This one is very hard to do as you have to press mp and release the fireball a frame apart. This has a bigger gap but bigger pay off if you catch them on counter hit. I wont go into this as I cant do is consistantly.

If anyone can help me on a way to hit this better, let me know. Kara release is very hard for me to time.

  • can be used in place of the kara release or store. You dont get the link off of it if hit, however it will gain just as much ground.

Example of use.

  • xx low release. xx low store. (whiffs), xx low release > xx hk pinwheel.
  • xx low release. xx low store. Low release. (whiffs), xx super. (You can super off far mp. Buffer the super and confirm the hit)
  • xx low release > xx low store. (whiffs) xx low release > xx hk pinwheel

Kara Focus
edit: I forgot this…ha. Do the string from above. xx low store (hit and KD) > mid store + immediate release (hits blocking low) > xx release low. Focus Attack. Focus Attack Whiffs, right?

Now try

  • xx low store (hit and KD) > mid store + immediate release (hits blocking low) > xx release low> Kara Focus Attack. BAM!!!

This can be used to get a surprise focus attack in if they think they know the range, or times when you’re charging your focus atatck with someone else. You mentally judge the range and this adds a fair amount of distance on Juri’s focus attack. This can also be used as a way to dash in safely.

These are just things i’ve found. Maybe they’re gimmicky, but Im constantly trying to find ways to stay in. In the latest ft10 I did vs blanka the kara store would have helped a great deal. I hope these things are at least inspiring and you can think out side the box and find setup’s outside of the ones i gave. I do a lot of fuhaswapping when I’m pressuring to make sure I dont accidentally let go of a mid, but while I’m doing this I usually get pushed too far back…so…I like this personally.

Very interesting.

I’m gonna try those kara fuhajin tricks next time I go in training mode. Though I gotta admit I suck at kara cancelling in general… I can barely kara taunt lol.

The only thing I don’t like is the Kara Focus. I just don’t see the use for it since Juri already has good range. And using FA from too far away is pretty useless imo. I mean they could just jump or ultra.

I like using FA at max/sweep distance to absorb the opponent’s pokes. But any further away and you’re out of reach. So why would the opponent throw something when they know they can’t reach you anymore? See what I mean? They might as well try to get out of the corner.

Don’t worry, I do the same. Spacing is so important in this game. Especially with Juri since she shines in the corner and doesn’t have the best footsies.

Anyway thanks for sharing your discoveries. :slight_smile:

I always wanna share. Thats what this board is for.

You’re right about the Kara Focus. I cant find too much use for it. But…it is the easiest one to do out of the bunch. Just plink MP~MK. What I like about it is that you really cant tell that theres a change in distance. Maybe…(just thought this), It could be used to cover some back dashes. Like some whiff if they back dash but with this it still puts them in range.

Last night I used the kara store often. You see, it works well when the opponent is cool with just blocking in the corner. You know those players. They think they know better so they’re gonna just block vs Juri because “pressing buttons is bad”. They see the gap and they think they’re out of range AND theythink they have time.

Kara store covers more ground so can stuff a poke and give you more range to hit that

The motion is QCF + Mp~Lk. Doesn’t need to be too fast you just need a rhythm. Come down on hard on the lk too. Like…you only have a nano second to squeeze it in after the mp and your life depends on it. ha.

Very nice.
Probably going to the lab and train with the corner pressure. I find new crao with Juri everyday

This is all theory. It works, but I don’t know the best way to use it. Come back with any finds.

The hell with karas and armor cancelling. I can’t do it lol. At least not consistently enough for it to be reliable. My execution is like 30%. :confused:

I’m pretty good at fuhaswapping though. :slight_smile:

Keep trying Kara store. I’m like 90% with it. Not too hard. Just do the motion plus the plink.

After a while spent in the lab playing with exercises to run myself through to get used to the feel of things, I noticed some uses for karadashing.

If you’re not familiar, karadashing is plinking mp into mk, and dashing with no delay. When used to dash forward, you will dash farther forward, and when used backward you move back less distance than normal. The forward dash is the more useful tool, as it can be used to chase down and get in on opponents who are playing keep away. The kara backdash would only really be useful in specific footsie situations where you want to move backwards out of range, but need to be a tad bit closer to land a poke. The forward karadash can also be used, then suddenly NOT used in order to create a situation where you aren’t as close as your opponent anticipates, such as being just outside of throw range.

It seems like using various combinations of kara FA1/2, karadashing, normal dashing, and karadashing but holding the focus for a delay can all be used to add an extra something for your opponent to worry about.

It’s interesting to note that with 2 consecutive karadashes from full screen distance, Juri can be in range for,,, and within 3 of the small training floor squares of a karathrow.

Also, karadash, karafocus has scary range on it.

Karadash? I’ve never gotten this to work. With all of my experiments its always been shorter than a regular forward dash. I’ll have to revisit this. You’re not the first person to tell me this but I just havent seen it work.

On a side note, is a kara pinwheel possible? If so…how? I get kasatushi everytime.

Kara dash is inputted by doing :f::d::f:+:mp:~:mk: or :f::b::f:+:mp:~:mk:.

why do i have to put an extra input in between the dash inputs?

only kara expinwheel is possible, its in my combo video in the 700dmg combo used to stun Seth in one meter. The other pinwheels dont work because you would get counter first, and pinwheels dont cancel off of counter while as ex-moves cancel off of normal moves (talking about the first kara frame ofc).

The game normally doesn’t register a dash if you have an extra input in between, but that doesn’t apply to dash-canceling a focus attack. Because of this, you can input the dash cancel before the kara focus attack to make it come out as soon as possible.

So the input is qcb + 2p~2k?

2 kicks plinked with medium punch


all kara pinwheels are possible but it aint easy to do.If a PW just misses after a fireball normally you can kara it and it will connect. You have to split the commands to do it.:
Down, down-back, Fwd+MP, back+Kick.

Your inputs have to be extremelllly clean, its a little too hardcore for me so I never practiced it. Too easy to mess up. It might as well not exist

Not practical. I’ll see if i can get the kara ex down and see if it punishes anything else. I also cant see this working. Sorry mike, I’m a non-believer until I see it myself, ha.

It isnt practical at all, i never said it was.