Corner pressure



So any advice on corner pressure? I can usually get my opponent into the corner several times but I have trouble keeping them there unless I burn all my meter pinning them down with ex air fireballs, which feels like a total waste.

I pin down characters with poor reversals pretty well but shoto’s give me the most trouble. I never know if I should get in and try some ambiguous crossups, bait them or just hang out and react to whatever they do. Hanging out and waiting seems like a waste of an opportunity and it gives them to much time to think and react to anything I might do so I usually try not to do that but if I lose momentum for whatever reason then sometimes that’s the safest option.

I’d really appreciate any tips/strategies you guys can offer. I’m also wondering if anyone knows a good way to practice this in the lab.


sometimes the best answer is to do nothing, tbh. You know, let them hang themselves doing stupid shit.

Easy corner pressure could be repeated walk up c.lp or mp, or frame traps, or you could mix it up with normals and overheads.

Another option if they are really stubbornly turtling could be fs.HP into fireball. easy chip damage, but be sure to use it from a bit of a distance out, as the fireball at point blank range is punishable on block


I don’t think Akuma is supposed to pressure in corner (on paper). It’s not a rushdown character with those spammable specials confirmable into ultras, etc. But he became a godlike footsy character when the other one is in the corner (godlike walk speed in mind). You have mobility advantage, you should see it in the life bar if you don’t screw up. And if you fail, that’s not a reason to throw it away with random stuff “just because you know how to do it”.

  • Okay, I’m gona do a jump in instant air fireball, and… we’ll see what’s coming out of it, hopefully I’ll catch him.
    It should be the default outcome of the position : you can hold your grownd safely, the opponent only way is out, and with risks involved.
    Though taking advantage of this position, and understanding what you can abuse and what you can’t, is a long road.


Sometimes when you have 'em in the corner, give them a little bit of space. This is in-line with what Volcanic has said, but if you give them some wiggle room it gives them an even bigger playground to hang themselves in.

If you stay extra close to them in the corner it can become just as precarious for you if they press buttons in nonsensical way. Giving them some space allows you to apply pressure, whiff punish and better see what they are attempting to do. It can also be a good situation to land a demon if they’re extra desperate to get out (jumping). Key is making sure you remain in control of their movements.,, fs.hp and neutral jump is your friend.


The main thing to do with corner pressure is to take advantage of the fact that you are mobile and they are not. You can pretty much keep a range where they can’t jump out and also have trouble moving forward.


There is a couple of setups that are not hard knockdown that the opponent has to guess.

Soft knockdowns off light DP, ex tatsu whiff and then jump LK, will hit in back land in front (depending on timing). You can do demon flip LK for a fake cross up. J.Hk is another fake cross up on shotos as well. J.MK.

Off the throw you can get an neutral jump air fireball which the opponent cannot delay wake up and go with meaty pressure with, over head, negative edge red fireball for chip Etc.