Corner to corner cc. for A-blanka

what do you guys think would be the best corner to corner CC. for blanka… with good damage… and other custom combos you guys do with him in situations like they jump at you or attack you on the ground,but you being in the middle of the back ground…

So from midscreen to corner is what i mean…


the usual i see is just jump and fierce xn or something???

This is an AA CC for the record, but it can go corner to corner. Activate(deep) fierce elec,[,whiff jab ball,s.fp,c.fp]to corner, at corner whiff, j.fp xwhatever till meter is low,(it will be so low you can probably only do j.fpxN once) ground shave rolling super.
Does good damage, and the purpose od the is to cancel the lag of the fp so you can jump ASAP.

corner to corner

this is what i do

c.forward,c.rh or cf.fierce,s.fierce,s.jab(whiff),(sj.fiercex3-4)x3,kick super.

corner to corner

damn, your avatar is top tier

Here try this CC for blanka pretty good on the Damage scale.standing hp x 3, slide (df + fp), standing hp, lp blanka ball, standing lp, sj hp x 3, sj hp x 2/3, (corner), straight up sj hp x 5, kick super.

The only trouble i have with this CC is getting the second part of the kick super to connect. Any help on this would be appreciated

Hold kick down after 1st juggle, and release when they fall right after you.

thanks for the information epsilon. I was wondering if you knew shinblanka(larry) and if so when are you guys doing another final round

I kinda know him, although we’ve never met. IDK abou the next Final Round, but alot of the ATL crew is coming to the South Carolina tournament.

eh, since I’m still new to A-blanka, I was wondering if there’s anything more simple to CC Corner to Corner.

Just want to make sure: can I do this?

activate, down forward HP, s.lp, [3 x HK] x N(until corner), s.lp, [jump, Hp x 5] x N, Super

I would like to try that right now, but My tv is taken and I only have one tv at home. :bluu:

if your new to A-blanka, look here…

kcxj’s thread is just about all you need.

to begin my ground CC’s with blanka, i simply do crouching mk, standing hp x 2 or 3 (depending on distance), slide, lp ball (which whiffs for positioning), standing lp, jumping hp x 2 until corner, jumping hp x 5, super. very simple and damaging.

wow thx alot, that basically cover everything!! Except for my question which is: Is it possible to “jump [HK x 3]” until corner? :stuck_out_tongue:

The best and most practical Blanka Mid-screen to corner CC is, slide, whiff slide,electricity, sj.hp x2/3 to corner, j.fp xN, kick super.

I know it sounds newbish but I really don’t know >_<, there’s just too much cvs2 terms :o . How do you whiff a slide?? Whiffing electrity for me is: [HP-MP-LP] x N. It does more hits if its block and more damage if hits, but whiffing a slide, I dunno how to do it…and what does it do?? Same question goes for the jab ball. :rolleyes:

to answer your other question, you should just super jump hp x 2 until the corner. like kcxj said, spacing should never be a problem if you’re doing it right.

that custom epsilon listed is kinda difficult for a beginner (i can’t even do it) if you can’t do fast electricity. whiffing a slide just means it comes out but doesn’t hit the opponent. whiffing a move in general is useful for either putting in other inputs (like fast electricity in the custom epsilon posted) or positioning (jab ball after slide). i just do the custom i listed because i never mess it up and it looks kinda stylish. with CC’s in general, it’s MUCH better to sacrifice a few hundred damage points to take a short cut instead of botching the combo and losing out on thousands of points.

i’d recommend reading kcxj’s thread if you’re interested in A-blanka, it really does an excellent job covering pretty much everything you need to know in a user-friendly way.

EDIT- i know there’s a thread somewhere with all the common terms used to describe tactics and SF in general, i just forget where…

Hey, alright. Thanks for the shameless plug Popo… :lol:

You guys should do the BAS custom if you don’t like the electricity one I do.

CC, s.HP x 3-4, slide, s.HP, whiff LP ball, [d.HP, s.HP, whiff LP ball] to corner, j.HP x one million, super ender of your choice (I’m partial to d.HP, roar super)

It’s nothing but fierces! Ouch…

edit: Stick in a s.HP, whiff d.LK after two reps of the Blanka ball pattern. Jump after them with more fierces.

Yeah, but you won’t get to the corner doing it that way.