Corner Ultra Reversals



cool thing I found out the other day that I hadn’t even thought of before now. I was checking Balrog out in training, trying to figure out how best to counter Buffalo Headbutts, and i found out if you’re in the corner and he headbutts you and you block a reversal ultra will connect. looking at the frame data, a fierce headbutt is -12 on block. Obviously any other move thats -12 (I’m trying to find out where the cap is. maybe it’s -11, need to do more research) or greater is counterable with an ultra: good examples include an LP Shoryu from any shoto, HP thunder knuckle, strong and fierce headbutts (e. honda that is)… the list goes on. also seems like if a C. Viper uses seismo knuckle on you from full screen, you can reversal ultra it. That sounds pretty cool. I’m going to see if you can even do it to normals. Ryu’s sweep is like -15 or something: pretty good news considering 2 of his moves that give him knockdowns are completely unsafe in the corner, where vega is at his worst. i’m sure there are more setups. i’ll update


You can reversal ultra a blocked Blanka Ball from anywhere on the screen. You might want to put this in the Bloody High Claw Project thread.


How would you do a reversal ultra? I’ve never tried it myself before.


Just do it like a normal reversal. Do the input and press all three kicks as soon as you come out of block stun.


Seems a bit hard to time for me. I always crack under pressure as Vega >_<


Doesn’t it depend on the characters hitboxes? I know certain characters will crouch after a whiffed Ultra, like Ken for example, causing the BHC to miss mid screen. Does it work against everyone in the corner?


time it so that you reach the wall while Ken (and Viper) is still in the air