Corporate Fury: Cool new fighting game for iphone users

This is really kinda an action/fighting hybrid, but for anyone who has an iphone this is a pretty awesome game. Interesting combos and a lot of different characters.


It’s made by an indie dev and you can check their site here. For 2$, it’s got a lotta swagger ^^


The perspective looks like a third person shooter like Gears of War. Sorry, but that isn’t how a 3d fighter should be, I can tell this game is ass. Should have done a perspective more like Tekken. You know, a REAL fighter done in 3d.

Dude, it’s an iPhone game.

Then it doesn’t belong on this forum with great games like SF4.

Why doesn’t it belong on this forum? It’s a fighting game. This is fighting game discussion.

I’m probably being trolled anyway so I’m gonna end this discussion here.

Looks pretty fun just for messing about with.