Corpus Christi Quarterlies (Sept 22, 2007)

~~ September 22th, Corpus Christi Quarterlies (3s/MVC2/GGAC/DR/CVS2)~~

Ladies, strap on your ultimate fighter gloves and mash low forward into Shippu-jinrai-kiyaku, it’s time for another Corpus tournament. Hosted by good ol’ Killy this time around. I’m going to try and host these every quarter now… and it seemed time to fight once again.

I want to host Tekken DR, and Capcom Vs SNK 2, but I would like some confirmation that equipment will be brought for Tekken, and if CVS2 players still even exist. Everything scheduled is subject to being cancelled if enough people don’t enter. Times may also change depending how hard Tekken DR players cry about their tourney starting so late. :lovin:

These are the games that are scheduled;

Tournament will begin at 2:30 and will be done with two tournaments at a time, then ending with the Team Tournament. I’m putting the games starting 30 minutes apart, but how far apart they are actually depends on how long each game runs. The games will run in this order.

~~Schedule ~~~

–> Capcom Vs SNK 2 (2:30 pm)
–> Guilty Gear Accent Core (2:30 pm)
–> Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (3:00 pm)
–> Street Fighter 3rd Strike (3:00 pm)
–> Tekken Dark Resurrection (3:30 pm)
–> Super DBZ? or the most popular request (3:30)
–> Team Tournaments for 3s and GGAC

Casuals and warm up matches will be played until the tourney kicks off, then we will take over 3 or 4 of the TVs for the tournament and you will be able to play casuals on other TVs, or watch the tournament.


Simple rule, bring your own controllers.
Extra equipment, such as modded PS2s, Dreamcast, and games are welcome to move toureys along faster, but please label hardware as your property.

~~ Location ~~~~

Name: Gamers? Den
Address: 6410 South Weber Rd
Phone #: (361) 853-5337

Google map; Click Here.
As usual, Gamers’ Den really has no information on the tourny, and is mearly providing the space for the tournament.
If you call they will say “Yes, the tourmement is on the 22nd” click
If you need more info on the tournament, please contact me thru AIM or the Corpus thread, or post your questions here and I’ll anwser them regularly.

~~ Rules ~~~

-Theft will not be tolerated.
-All rules are arcade standard
-Console only characters are NEVER ALLOWED.
-If you win with your character, you have no choice but to stay as that character until you have lost (this rule applies to ALL games).
-Don’t use any game breaking glitches for any game that will prevent the match to continue.
-Please don’t adjust anything in-between matches.
-If you pause during a match, the player that did not pause has the call (he can say he won the match or let it go on, or do over).
-Macros are allowed for your Pad Warriors.

~~ Fees ~~~~

Entry per game; $11

Money in the Prize Pot will be split 70/20/10.

Double Elimination standards. Players? placement on the brackets will be set randomly, and will not be fixed. If you are unlucky enough to have to play someone you know and play all the time, you will unfortunately just have to deal with it.

I don’t want to hear that you guy are like those Smash Bros. scrubs who didn’t come back to the tournament because the competition was too tough. 60 entries to 8. That is just pathetic, and why there is no SSBM this time around. These are all great games, some come for the challenge, or to just learn the game. If you aren’t that great at these games yet, don’t worry about winning and enter to learn from some great players.

Have a clean fight.


lol wow, this format looks so familiar.
Haha, nah its cool.

Cool, I might be able to make it.

what i cant go from remy, get my ass kicked and then move promptly to ken? wtf!?!?!? lmao

^ u can if u lose

i guess i gotta practice now

See you there for 3s as usual

this tournament is a classic already :rofl:

Im hoping to see basement crew again as well as houston peeps


Add a team tourney for 3s again

Text Messages 4 life :rofl:

^ i thought it was tex mex?

I actually enjoyed the last 3s team tourny.

That one makoto and jive vs those other two (sorry if I forget you’lls name :wasted:)

I’ll be bringing the lag…

actually, yes…

and yeah ! i’m in too… i just, need a ride jeje.

I can add a team toury for 3s… sounds fun… if only I had a team… Gayness Reflector and who else???

Yeah Seizure I ripped the old pozerwolf format, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it eh?

..... I'm adding a Auska 120% for the Saturn tourny. LOL

Damage is going to take this tourny.

or Dalipower

yea, I’ve been training in the hyerbolic time chamber.

I use dudley sean hugo yun chun…so be prepared to see one of them!!!

Cant wait to see JD in action again :tup:

“”"“Macros are allowed for your Pad Warriors.”"""

Not required. But thanks for the kindness :tup:

“”“don’t worry about winning and enter to learn from some great players.”""

I suppose i could teach them something :rofl:

Like how to lose? :wonder:

-.- well if thats the case technicalllly all of corpus could show them a thing or two

yeah, Im the master of lag abuse.

yo im jus horrible period WHAT!!!

i just noticed this is a late start tournie…you have to work or something tim?

I could start early, but last time a lot of people showed up late.
Just giving more people more of an opportunity to show up.

too bad i have to work that day :sad:… GL to e1 :wink: