Corpus Christi tourny (Sept 22, 2007)

killy took to long so i just took the liberty to post the results



  1. Marn (Jam, Eddie)
  2. Latif (Eddie, Ky)
  3. PozerWolf (Ky)


1- Marn (Yun, Ken, Chun Li and Makoto)
2- J.D (Yun)
3- Ivan (Ken, Yun)
4- Jive Tourkey Jones (Urien)
5- Damage (Necro)
5- Killy (Makoto)
7- Spin (Makoto I think)
7- GuMz (Chun-li, ibuki)
10- Nican (Makoto)

3s teams
1]marn , who was he teaming with?
2]JD Nican
3]Damage Jive

1st Magneto-X
2nd Sinister-X
3rd Luiz

tournament fighter [TMNT]
3]Monkey spank

MVC2 was

1st Magneto-X
2nd Sinister-X
3rd Luiz

good games to everyone! was a fun tourny.

Houston rape again lol :tup:

You got some of the 3s results wrong
as far as I remember

Third strike singles

1- Marn (Yun, Ken, Chun Li and Makoto)
2- J.D (Yun)
3- Ivan (Ken, Yun)
4- Jive Tourkey Jones (Urien)
5- Damage (Necro)
5- Killy (Makoto)
7- Spin (Makoto I think)
7- ???
10- Nican (Makoto)

All Makotos died yeah!!!
Ok marn used her in the finals but just one for one game

Third Strike Team Tournament

1- Marn/ Magneto X “M&M” (Yun/Ken)
2- J.D/Nican “Text Messages” (Yun/Makoto)
3- Damage/Jive “Electrical Thong” (Necro/Urien)
4- Simply_Hugo/Qro “Max Heart???” (Hugo/Oro)
5- Gumz/Jonhy Cakes “Sleeper Cell” (ChunLi/???)
5- Killy/Gayness Reflector “Murder Rape” (Makoto/Urien&Akuma)
7- JewelMan/ThePresident(Robert) “Total Douche Bags” (Remy/Ryu)

This tournament was really fun, it was nice seeing everyone again

Marn: Thanks for letting me play mirror matches, Im just bad at it :rofl: good games

Spin: You pwn on cvs2 :frowning: Fucking Blanka, Ill get you next time

Jive: Man it was fun travelin with you guys, hope we can make it to the regionals

Tyler & Dillon: You guys got waaay better than before, keep it coming, that Hugo almost killed me on the singles and Oro beat me on the team tournament, I got lucky to have Nican with me.

Sorry if Im forgetting anyone, I did this in a rush, Ill post more shoutouts later.

Guilty Gear:

  1. Marn (Jam, Eddie)
  2. Latif (Eddie, Ky)
  3. PozerWolf (Ky)

Lol i was gonna do this today as well. Ye Ivan beat jive a game so ivan got 3rd >_>

GG’s to JD you beat me again…still fun to play your yun

GG’s to Nican finally got to play you, really enjoyed it =)

Jive you urien pimp, havent got to play you yet…which is good cause i cant fight uriens for shit. And yours would be the end of me

Marn…i thought you were gonna be an ass, but your a damn kool guy :tup: Sauske sucks, Rock Lee ftw

Basement krew…we lost again mother fuckers!!We all seriously need to pick some top tiers, and to the ones who do already; were right behind you.

Spin you damn no shoe wearing relaxes player lol. Just had to pick urien against me >_>. Im like a bunch of retards trying to hump a door knob when i fight urien. Your damn good keep it up :tup:

To Juan who does not post here…you suck. Your lucky i didnt fight your turtling wake up shoto ken you piece of dog shit.

Mad props to my boys in the** basement Krew**, alot of impressive things coming from you guys,all of ya’ll left me in the dust,ryu will come back one of these days:sweat::wasted:

had fun playing the few people who did play cvs2:wgrin:,too bad LG got scurred:looney:

thanks to JD for supporting my cvs2 button mashing skills, wouldnt have gotten to the finals without it.:lovin::angel:

congrats to mag-x, & Sin-x

lol at ham(?) cleaning up on money matches after the tourney. It’s like he made out better than 2nd!
Killer sent!

I saw someone taping. Youtube? :sweat:

LOL at the trip home :rofl:

that tourney was awsome!
GG’s To everyone i played in MvC2 and the very little people i played in GGAC!
i look forward to playing ya’ll again!
i’ll Get ya’ll next time Hamm and luiz in money matches!!! haha :smile:

yea gg’z to everyone
it was kool meeting shizzuma and monkeyspank yall are some kool peeps

and :arazz: for me getting mathed up with jd in the winners lol

GGs to everyone I played.

GGs to Jive…even though you said you were off your game that day, you whooped my ass good enough…i screwed up a perfect on you so that will haunt me and stuff…thanks for teaming up with me…Electrical Thong for the win baby!!

GGs to Spin…nice having a rematch from the last tournament…your makoto had me on the ropes…great playing you again.

GGs to my basement crew…I played every one in the team tourney cept Tyler and Dillon…special holla out to Gumz and Johnny Cakes and Jewelman and Robert…what can i say fellas great playing you guys in the tournament.

GGs. Nican…you shut my ass down like never before…thats ywice you took me outof the team tourney…good stuff man.

Special shout out to JD…for the first time in the last four tourneys i been too i didnt get matched up agaisnt you…boo to that and heres looking foward to next time.

Damage~Im everywhere you want to be…

gg’s to all had hella fun !! :lovin:

gumz-next time ill play you 3s chun vs chun :looney:

sinister-x-you should play aba more she’s fun :sweat:

ill try to get ham to upload those TF vids! :tup:

GuMz, you rock the TMNT:TF?

You got huge props from me.

I fucking love that game.


10th <–place 3rd strike singles XD

hell yeah she is fun! man i can’t handle her…lol…:sad:
good games playing you man!! :bgrin:

prepare to lose lol but ill play u in marvel so i can lose that one lol

ive actually only played the game a couple of times i got to get a nes lol

Just don’t play Donatello

He sucks. :]

Everyone else is pretty good.

'cept Aska…she’s kinda borderline though.

By the way, I finally got my request up in your thread.


^ wait i have a thread bah but donatello is the shit but no one beats mikey

Lol. YES you have a thread, nigga. Sheesh. I was forgot about. :sad:

And yeah, Donatello a fave of mine too.

Mikey though? He’s alright. Nigga is wack though. I don’t like the fact his SRK is a flash kick, and he has a punch projectile and a punch charge move, you can end up doing one when you ment to do the other and that’ll fuck up your game.

I use Wignut and C.Shredder.

Leo vs. C.Shredder is one of the funniest match ups in the game though. Leo can barely do anything, cause Shredder can reflect his projectile, his knee beats out endless screw and leo’s SRK, not to mention his reflector bounces back Leo’s super move.

It’s awesome.


not to mention Tyler almost beat nican too o.o