Corpus Christi, Tx Once Every 5 Milleniums SF4 Tourney 11/7/09


That’s right, Corpus Christi will have having a tournament at Gamer’s Den on Nov. 7th at 2pm, Come early for casuals,stay late for MM’s and maybe even bring enough people for an hd remix or bb side tourney

The game will be played on the PS3 console, with up to 4 TVs. A full list of playable characters will be available and it is recommended that you bring you own controller or stick.

Tournament Details:

========================November 7th!!========================

6410 Weber Rd
Corpus Christi, TX 78413-4007
(361) 853-5337

Come get the free money in CC there is no comp here :party:


I just saw this. Um I hate to burst your bubble but there are 2 tournaments going on that same weekend. One in Houston (HOBO/TYS) and the RGV for BATB3, in fact I think I even have you pre-reg’d for BATB3.



ya lol i would have gone but this dumb tourney got pushed back till the date of the other two at least texas has options lol see you in december


CC tourneys are lame since Pozer is not the organizer anymore


Oh interesting to hear Gamer’s Den is still hosting tournament.
I remember a friend of mine tried hosting an event there and he was told that there was some issues hosting an event (like Gamer’s Den was asking for more money or whatever).
That or my friend was lying… grrr…

Ah, well sounds like it all worked out.

Awww, heart warming :lovin: