Correct DP motion?


I’m just wondering how people do their DP motion… I’m use to the control pad, so i got into the habit of doing my DP motion like f, df,d,df,f P… but on all the faqs its says the correct DP motion is just f,d,df,f P… I’m so use to doing it the first way, but i realize that in order for me to get quicker i’m going to have to do it the f,d,df,f P way…

Input please!!!


Dear dipswitch,

You have answered your own question.



thanks, all-knowing one…


Actually it’s just f, d, df, button. There is no forward at the end, end the motion at diagonally down-forward. Make sure and get used to doing it that way, or else you might find yourself accidentally throwing fireballs.


Thank you so much, this just chopped .5 seconds of my DP and made it more accurate!!! Its amazing what people carry over from a controller pad that has no business on a joy-stick.


Here’s a useful forum for questions:


I guess no one had anymore input… Anywho, thanks again for the comments…


I use [t, dt, d, dt]. Its fast for me for some reason.
(by the why, [my t = your f])


thanks god somebody asked i was in the same world ohh yeah one more what about shiku hadoken what is the motion


Spaz then mash punch works for me.


First I spaz, then I choose a character.

That tends to work wonders too.
Also, on a controller dont let go of the bottom portion… if your timing is off, it will read only the fireball motion (which is incorrect)

explaining a dragon punch is actually easier on a d-pad than a joystick since the command areas are easier to see (visualize).

I love how everybody around here is so welcoming with their sarcasm and elitist attitudes.


Seriously, people are being smartasses but that just proves that they dont really understand the difference between things. When you have to learn to rc an uppercut, the difference between t, d, dt and t, d, dt, t becomes pretty apparent.

Or say Vice’s grab, you want to rc that, it’s a great rc for her. Well if you go by the prevalent belief that it is half circle forward and punch, you will miss it alot more often than if you actually know the motion for her grab ends at down-towards(b, db, d, dt, punch). People make fun but i’d daresay that 50 percent of the people on srk don’t know the precise dp motion so this thread is actually helpful.

More precision is always good, I know that when I realized that the motion for a shinkuu hadouken was different from the motion for a shoryureppa my ryu combos became 100 percent whereas before they were only at about 80. People cant be afraid to ask questions like that or else they never learn anything from this place and this site fails to serve, imo, it’s only real purpose.


Thanks for understanding. The help that I have received from this thread alone has increased my execution by 25%. Cuz its that much more accurate. :smiley:


Are you sure about that? The guidebook says the only qcf, qcf super in the game where you have to do a true qcf motion is Dan’s taunt super.

All other qcf, qcf motion supers in the game can be shortcutted by ending at df on the second qcf.

I think the fact that this guy admits he plays on a pad has completely, absolutely, and positively nothing to do with why people are making fun of him…


then does Ryu’s shin shoryuken [d, df, f, d, df.K] shorcut to down? or is it only said for the matter of have a resemblance to the DP motion witch also ends at the df input?