Correct Inputs wrong move! HELP!

This has been plaguing me since the day Ultimate dropped. I use analog on a controller, so I’ve always thought that I missed a particular direction in my inputs that led to me getting the wrong move. This only happens with DP Motions. Today it was really bad, BnB’s that have been imbeded into my fingers were getting dropped at every point in the combo where I had to do a DP motion. Seismo’s, DHC’s, etc… I got pissed enough had I had to find out what was going on, I refused to believe my execution was that sloppy.

So I Put my inputs on. Starting from the left side, I Tested 10 DP Seismo inputs. This is what occurred.

1.) 63236L -> Light Thunderknuckle
2.) 63236L -> Light Seismo
3.) 63236L -> Light Seismo
4.) 63236L -> Light Thunderknuckle
5.) 63236L -> Light Thunderknuckle
6.) 63236L -> Light Thunderknuckle
7.) 63236L -> Light Seismo
8.) 63236L -> Light Thunderknuckle
9.) 63236L -> Light Seismo
10.) 63236L -> Light Seismo

Exactly 50% of the time when I input the exact same input I would get a Fireball move instead of DP motion. I’m sick of this, I’m doing what I’m supposed to do but the game is playing against me. If anybody has some advice, tips or solutions please let me know.

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So you’re doing a Forward, Down Forward, Down, Down Forward, Forward + P and you’re expecting to get an SRK? Either do it faster so that the input leniency gives you a DP, otherwise stop at Down Forward to not be doing a Fireball motion…

There’s a shortcut for DPs that goes like 6236 because some people have trouble stopping on 3. I did for a while when I started playing the game. You can keep it from happening by doing your fireballs as 236 and your DP’s as 623, not 63236.

You’re getting different results likely due to slight timing differences (did you record this motion and run it 10 times or manually do it?).

James Chen mentioned if you do it this way, you can visualize just making a little circle going down-forward, forward, neutral, down, down-forward. That way you can visualize stopping SRK motions on downforward as completing the circle. Helps some people.

Have you ever thought about doing the correct inputs? That would probably help. And by probably I mean definitely. And by correct inputs I mean not what you are doing, but the real correct inputs instead