Correct me if I'm wrong, please

I think I’ve got all the logic behind some of the advanced techniques used in 3rd Strike down, but if im missing something or have something wrong, it could help if I had it corrected.

I have read and searched this up here a lot and still think it could help. If someone could confirm/correct it for me it would be most apreciated.

Chaining: Canceling the animation of a normal into another normal or string of normals.

Cancel: Canceling the animation of a normal or special with a special or super.

Buffering: Hiding the comand in a normal or special to shorten time and lessen effort reqired to perform a combo.

Linking: A combo that can not be done by the use of Canceling or Buffering. Negative Edge can increase the success of Linking.

Negative Edge: A teqnique that increases the success of Linking. By quickly pressing the 3 punch buttons(creating 6) as your finnishing the comand your trying to link, it tightens your timing because it’s 6 repeated “button presses” instead of a perfectly timed one.

Charge Buffering: Hiding the Charge comand in a Normal, Special or Super.

Charge partitioning: Breaking up, continuing and shortening the Charge time required to perform the attack. By Charging for 0.8 seconds, canceling it with a dash or normal, holding again until 1.5 seconds and executing it.

Kara Throw: Some normals move your caracter forwards. Kara Throwing Cancels the animation of one such normal, into the throw comand. Increasing the range on your Throw.

Kara Cancel: Again, Kara Cancels Cancel the animation of one such normal, into a special or a super. Increasing the range on your attack.

Parry, tech throw etc. not included.

the technique you described is “drumming.” negative edge is part of this technique however. what it is is releasing a button instead of pushing a button to execute a special/super. this is how you get “6 inputs” when using the drum technique.

Breaking up and continuing is what it is, but not “shortening”. Also, the time you need to partition with is ABOUT one full second (3s is pretty lenient on this). Also, you do not need to charge once, do something, then charge again. You can break it up as many times as you want, as long as it adds up to a full second (in my experience, the more you break it up, the less lenient it becomes).

Cool, thanks.