Correct spacing to jump in = the most basic and effective way to anti fireball?

I know fireballers often want you to jump over their fireball so they can get you to jump and anti air you - this is the most basic lesson of zoning.

However, it is also true that there is a sweet spot where if you jump, you will be able to hit them before they can recover and anti air you (unless you’re fighting guile… lol). This sweet spot depends on your character’s jump arc, jumping normal range, the recovery time of the enemy’s projectile, and the timing of you/enemy’s moves. It seems like if you can constantly maintain your position in this sweet spot, you will force the enemy to either retreat, close the distance, or eat a jump in combo if they insist to fireball - so basically you can shut down their fireball since every fireballer knows the danger of being too close when shot fireball.

alternatively you can fadc dash through, but not every character has a quick dash and it can be beaten by 2 hit fireballs.

Do you guys consider this (jumping in at the sweet spot) the most effective way to force the enemy to stop fireballing you and engage in footsies or run away?

Personally, because I use Cammy, I feel that people who use projectiles really are punishing themselves, because she has 3-5 moves that can pass through, under, or over fireballs very quickly, in addition to jumping in rh.

But I think its pretty common knowledge that jumping in at the right distance stops people from throwing them too close. I wouldn’t say it’s the most effective way, because every character is different.

I like balrogs triple punch attack for avoidance, just wish I was better with him

I usually just fadc through them. It’s too dodgy jumping into that ‘sweet spot’ because you never know what the opponent is going to do. A slight jolt forward by them and they AA you. You should try and limit yourself to jumping anyway.

It’s way too easy to counter if you use it too frequently, and it has to be used pretty close in to not be blockable/punishable, and at that range you have better options.

i realize sometimes just jumping up instead of jumping forward and just constantly dodging their fireballs while jumping straight up makes them stop shooting fireballs and actually come in to fight u. i think they just get frustrated with their tactic of shooting constant fireballs and none of them hitting u.

It seems like the easiest way to get someone who insists on constant projectiles to come in at you is to make them feel like their tactic is not working. This can be either through punishing them at each turn or negating/avoiding their projectiles. This doesn’t always work as some people are perfectly content to throw projectiles all match long, usually changing up the speed and varying between normal and EX versions to hopefully throw you off.

Neutral jumping, FADC’ing backwards, and Canceling with your own projectiles are good ways to counter it from afar. FADC’ing forward **can **work, but some players may be able to react to your focus quick enough to hit you as you are still dashing. Keep in mind that mixing up FADC with other far-range options can allow them to give you free Ultra meter for little risk.

If you insist that you must close in, I recommend using characters/moves that have decent reach or fireball canceling/evasion properties. Some good examples are:

[]Dhalsim’s Yoga Fire, or any number of stretchy attacks.
]Juri’s projectiles, don’t forget her startup for these can fizzle projectiles while still storing her own.
[]Balrog’s turn punch.
]Cody’s Zonk Knuckle or EX Ruffian kick.
[]Vega’s EX roll, though it has slow startup.
]A well-timed hurricane kick.