Correct usage of scrub


What is a scrub? What characteristics go with being a scrub?

How offensive is the word scrub? Lets compare scrub’s offensiveness to noob’s offensiveness for easy understanding of relative levels.


1 [skruhb] Show IPA verb, scrubbed, scrub·bing, noun
verb (used with object)
to rub hard with a brush, cloth, etc., or against a rough surface in washing.
to subject to friction; rub.
to remove (dirt, grime, etc.) from something by hard rubbing while washing.
Chemistry . to remove (impurities or undesirable components) from a gas by chemical means, as sulfur dioxide from smokestack gas or carbon dioxide from exhaled air in life-support packs.
to cancel or postpone (a space flight or part of a mission): Ground control scrubbed the spacewalk.
Slang. to do away with; cancel: Scrub your vacation plans—there’s work to do!


Noob isn’t really an offensive word, it just means someone who is inexperienced.

Scrub can mean a lot of different things, depending on the community. In some communities, it just refers to a bad player. However, a more accurate definition would be a person refuses to learn from his/her mistakes.

Scrubs in the FGC are people who refuse to admit that they lost for valid reasons, cry about balance, give up before trying new strategies, and just generally complain a lot about things which are totally within their control. Scrubs can exist at all skill levels.


I’m a scrub.


Wasn’t the original definition somebody who “scrub”-bed their hands on the stick/controller, randomly hitting buttons?


Actually yes, so I’m not a scrub.

100% agree. (Damnit I’m feeding a troll…)


The show was offensive?


Scrub is someone who uses a cheap tatic without much skill. I don’t really see anyone use it who isn’t an idiot ie. Chrisg is a scrub who only wins because of morrigan or flux only wins because of ZMC


Scrub: "I don’t play to win, I play for fun."
scrub loses
Scrub: "You suck! I would’ve beaten you if you weren’t being cheap! I should’ve won!"
Non-Scrub: "But I wasn’t, weren’t you spamming hadoukens anyway?"
Scrub: "Yeah, but how did you get past the spamming? I NEVER can!"
Non-Scrub: "Maybe because spamming is easy to avoid but you never even try to improve your skills or find a way around it. Even if I was move spamming I would’ve earned my win anyways."
I guess. That probably sounds pretty scrubby actually.


Shut up, scrubs.


scrubs tend to be guys who can’t get no love from me. you know, they hang out the passenger’s side of their best friend’s ride and try to holla at you.

now ask what a creep is so i can sing their other song!


What is a creep? @Million


I had someone call me a noob online in TTT2 because I fought him tag to solo a second time in a lobby when I defeated him in the same fashion. He beat me, but I never understood the hostility.

Oh yeah, I play on XBL. Those people are born with saltiness.


So calling someone a scrub to their face would incite what response?




A miserable hard drive full of unsuspecting women’s saved photos.

Who am I kidding?

A Million hard drives of such photos.


Newb is someone unexperienced AND willing to learn
Noob is someone who decides to make his/her own rules and doesnt really try to improve


Newb is someone unexperienced AND willing to learn
Noob is someone who decides to make his/her own rules and doesnt really try to improve


LoL you sound pretty noob there bastard.

There’s no difference in meaning between noob and newb.

Easy method to deal with these cases is to remember that language is about comprehension of ideas with the spoken language as primary use. Using words with different meanings that sound the same in the same context would be very confusing indeed.


its something similar to the word own, owned, then u clarify it with pwned