Correct way to break exchange combos?


So I have to say, the ONE thing that is bugging me about this game is how stupid air exchange combos are. Why the shit does wolverine get to exchange into magneto for fly combos and build an extra meter for guaranteed level 3?

Anyway, I’ve been trying to get the technique down, but as far as I can tell you can only ever defend against one direction. I’ve tried different methods but nothing seems to work.

Anyone have a definitive way to break exchange combos?


You have to guess. Personally, I usually defend the downward direction because it’s worth a lot of meter if someone gets it.


There’s 3 directions to counter (up down and left/right) and you can only counter against 1 out of the 3 directions.

Next time, use the FAQ thread for question instead of making a new thread.


read manual


Am I the only one that has always heard if you spin the stick you defend multiple directions?


According to the strategy guide, only the first escape input is accepted, and you have 15 frames to input it. Diagonal exchange inputs are interpreted as up/down, so I would assume the same holds for the counter input as well.


What if you’re using a hit box and hold up, down and forward at the same time as hitting exchange?


I think it’s been confirmed that it doesn’t work. I could be wrong though.


As most people said, it’s a guess, although down gives you more meter than up, so you can expect that one more often than not. Depending on your opponent’s situation, you might be able to make a good guess. Is your opponent especially low on meter? You might want to go down. Is his character low on health and he wants to tag safely? He might not want to risk it with low because that’s the obvious choice, so you might want to up or left/right. Also, I THINK depending on how his team and his combos works, sometimes launching higher or lower might help their setups. Might be wrong on that last one though.


guess downward.


Also, each exchange attack hits with its own hitbox. If you know the hitboxes you can rule out some options in some cases. In general, up exchanges hit higher and down exchanges lower.


Fixed. This is literally all there is to it. You can’t “option select” multiple directions, that was a myth that originated from people playing the pre-release builds, which was either changed to be untrue now, or it was never true to begin with.


I have to admit in earlier builds I’ve countered exchange by spazzing out on the controller, could have just been luck though…


i bind two extra exchange buttons on my stick and mash 360s


This is what I’m thinking as well. I really don’t think it’s as simple as “just guess down” from what I’ve noticed if I’m way above a person’s head and they try to exchange they always go for up though this could just be a placebo effect of the player doing the exchange thinking this needs to be done as opposed to the game requiring it, I haven’t tested this. Also as the game develops I’m willing to bet that different directions will be easier for incoming characters to deal with. I was going to make a thread like this myself until I saw this one.


The thing is, guessing and combos is how the game is fair for formula players who would otherwise eat shit just like beginners.


^^^whats a “formula” player?



Players who sleep in race-car beds


Damn you, I chuckled.


It’s a guess, personally downward it’s the best option for me, but in many matches against random people I have seen that they usually stick to one direction, obviously someone could improvise but if you see a pattern…Well, just guess right.