Corrupt a Wish (Street Fighter Edition)


Corrupt a wish is a fairly simple game. Someone requests something they’d like to see and the next person grants that wish while in turn doing something to mess it up.

"Ken’s dragon punch should do 10-20 extra damage since he has mastered it and it justifies the flames."
Granted, but now Ken’s fireballs fizzle out at half screen since he hasn’t been practicing them.

Afterwards you post your own request and the game continues on.

I wish Gouken had an Air Fireball, even if it just traveled perfectly horizontal instead of at an angle like Akuma’s.


Inb4 “i wish this thread would end” (If i recall this forum doesn’t take to game threads very well)

Granted, however he learnt it by copying Oni’s Air ultra & has the slowest fireball ever coupled with obscene recovery.

“I wish Shun-goku-satsu had an easier name to prunounce.” (that counts right?)


Granted, now its just called Raging Demon. However, Akuma screams the moves name so loud and at such a high pitched vocie on activation that it makes people’s ears bleed and sound systems break.

I wish Juri’s Ultra 2 was an anti air.


granted, but now all her other anti airs have their vertical hitboxes removed, and can only hit crouching opponents

i wish gens dp invincibility until the active frames


granted, but now it loses all the followup kicks and still floaty as shit.

I wish elf had a command grab


Granted, but every time he uses it, he is unable to run for 30 seconds.

I wish Deejay’s EX Sobat totally projectile invicible, travels full screen and makes enemy crumple.


Granted, but now he’s pulled a Michael Jackson and turned white. His health gradually depletes on stages with direct sunlight.

I wish the people who can’t play for shit would shut the fuck up about balance.


Granted, but now they don’t shut the fuck up about the Ken and Ryu yaoi fanfic they’ve been writing for a year.

I wish they would put a Canadian character in the next Street Fighter game.


granted, but the exchange rate makes all his attacks do 20% less damage when not fighting on a canadian stage

i wish gens ex oga was like it was in vanilla. invincible until the wall


Granted, but now he goes through the wall and gets stuck there. If you don’t have the life lead, you’re screwed.

I wish Blanka could have his balls back.


Granted but now every low hitting attack causes crumple.

I wish Dan had his rolling taunt from Alpha and every other incarnation.


Granted, but he loses all of his currently existing taunts, both command and personal ones.

I wish to learn to stand up to Yun’s Kung Fu.


granted but now he loses 100 health for every taunt

i wish cammy gets her ass buffed to god tier


granted: but now she looks like willie nelson with a nice ass.

I wish Bisons far standing HK became 80 frame startup / 100 frame recovery. the bastard.


Granted but the active frames never go away once it is used.

I wish that Sakura had her shoe flying off round end animation.


granted, but she then gets seths walk speed next round.

i wish that balrog gets his bike money after winning a fight


Granted but now he freezes for 5 seconds after any whiffed charged move as he drops said fight money and bends over to pick it up.

I wish Evil Ryu had a Nowrwegian death metal outfit complete with badger facepaint and ridiculous spiked armbands.


Granted, its alt 1.

I wish Ken has more damage on his fierce dp CAUSE IT HAS FIRE AND HES THE MASTER


It now does 50 more damage. In return, he has 210 frames of recovery while he tends to the burned had with aloe.

I wish Gouken had a reliable wakeup option.


No, but it could easily be modded from alt 1 :wink:

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