Cosmic heel Reset or max damage?

Whats your ideas on this guys.

I tend to go for the reset early on then later on in the match always max damage since I need the insured knock down and the damage.Tho I see player go always for max damage or always reset.

Whats your choice and your reason for that choice?

The problem with resetting is that it’s a gamble. With late OS teching, backdashes, and reversal moves, it seems to me that the odds are in your opponent’s favor every time. If you guess right and land a throw after the reset, then damage-wise you were probably just as well off landing the juggled ST or EX FBA in the first place. Sure you can possibly land another big combo if they guess wrong, but the payoff doesn’t seem worthwhile to me.

With the followup ST or EX FBA you are 100% guaranteed that damage PLUS knockdown, which essentially gives you that reset gamble for free anyway. Now you do your throw/corpsehop/jb fp or whatever shenanigans on their wakeup.

Basically I go for ST every time, because I get the damage plus the advantage on knockdown, whereas with reset you might get nothing.

Full damage, Resetting doesn’t work on good players because they’re always ready to block or reversal. It might work randomly or on online people not familiar with Vega’s tactics, but I wouldn’t rely on it

It depends on what you are trying to do. Are you trying to figure out your opponent. Trying to see how he reacts. Etc. Or are you trying to be fancy? It becomes a 50/50 that could benefit you as much as it can benefit your opponent.

I used to always reset, it isnt something that vega is good at, he doesnt have a way to really make it hard for the opponent to defend when he goes on the attack. With characters like Akuma resets are awesome because he can make it very hard for you to know what to do and how to block or to tech/jump… etc etc.

Vega just doesnt have that ability. Stick with max damage.

Great post everyone.

I guess I am going for max damage all the time.

i only reset after a long combo before there dizzy.

A random reset once maybe every 10-15 times couldn’t hurt. It can throw people off if you do a reset with a cr.jab and walk towards them; really pysches people out.

It’s a risk, give or take. I personally do it sparingly.

Max damage. Every time. Go for a reset zero times out of every times.

You are way better off just going for max damage everytime. Why give your opponent an opportunity to make you regret going for the reset? As was already said Vega doesn’t really have anything to capitalize off a reset. Just get your damage in when you can.

Max damage every time. Resets are effectively useless when you have as many corpsehops after knockdowns as Vega has, not to mention safe jumps after EX izunas. The only crazy reset Vega has is CH, st. jab FADC under and whatever. But, why do that when you could essentially do the same shit after a corpsehop.

Is there a glossary for Street Fighter terms out there?

I don’t know what a* reset *is(or at least from that definition).

PS: Please don’t troll my Noobiness…

It’s when you sacrifice guaranteed damage in a juggle combo for lower damage for a better positional advantage or a mixup opportunity, in the hopes that the gamble will pay off and you will land yourself more total damage than you sacrificed in the combo.

A good example is Abel’s cr.HP launcher elbow cancelled into falling sky. It does pretty good damage but if you cancel the second hit of the launcher into a Marseilles roll instead, you can jab them out of the juggle state and roll again, crossing them up and then going for a second cr.HP combo, which overall does more damage and is a serious mind fuck. You can mix this up by hitting them out of juggle with the first hit of cr.HP before cancelling into the roll, which will land you in front of them rather than crossing them up, so you could actually do this a couple of times, keeping them guessing which way to block or to input a reversal, and land yourself lots of damage and lots of stun for a gamble.

Thanks DHEvil.

It’s also more broad than that, it’s basically ending a combo with your opponent still standing, just doing c.:lp:, c.:lp: walk up is a reset.

EDIT: the best are generally the juggle resets though.

I never go for the reset. They can be good but I think they are over rated.

Go ahead and post the video of saber’s Sakura messing up Valle’s Ruy, I don’t care.

Also go for max damage in every situation.

i like doing resets after a CH lol…some I use are

  1. cr.LP to throw
  2. cancel to SHC
  3. to fba
  4. to another CH (lol what the hell)


because all the cool kids are doing it ;p

Tool xP