Cosmic marvel fans unite

Anyway I’m major into cosmic marvel and not so much into anything else. Anyone else read Annihilation? Views? For the record Silver Surfer is my fav. comic book character in a tie with that MUTHER HUMPING TITAN Thanos. And yeah they have been for 10 years damn FF movie bandwagon hoppers. Anyway discuss all things cosmic here.

The Surfer is probably my favorite superhero as well. Silver Surfer #54 was the second comic I ever owned. I gave it away years ago, and have spent the rest of my life since then trying to find a new copy to replace the gaping void in my soul. Not much can compete with pre-Photoshop RON LIM POWERBLASTS.

That first issue of MK Silver Surfer: Requiem is very nice. It could end up being a classic Surfer story.

I’m not that big on the cosmic stuff, but I did love Secret Wars 1, (screw it I say it counts because they were in space lol) the Infinity Gem saga and Infinity Gauntlet saga. And Annihilation was the best crossover Marvel had in years, like a gillion times better than Civil War. Ronan, Nova, Gamora and Thanos all were great in Annihilation.

I’m liking Nova’s limited series too. Got Annihilation Conquest this week but haven’t read it yet.

the cosmic stuff was some of the first Marvel stuff I got into besides the awesomeness that was ROBOCOP. Surfer #45-75 was basically my marvel golden years

i never really followed much of the cosmic world, but whenever there is a thanos war, i bought the books… i haven’t bought a comic in a year though…

Thanos is #1 in my book, in terms of cosmic marvel… through Thanos i learned of and began to like Tyrant (though i don’t know much about him, either than basic stuff and a few stories from Thanos)…

i also like Ego the living planet, the collector and the watchers… i thought all three were pretty neat ideas back in the day… i never really read much on them though…

i only liked captain Marvel when Spider-man got his powers and beat the tri-sentinel… there was an issue of “what if…?” that was premised on the idea of parker keeping the powers… that was pretty cool…

i used to like phoenix, but i get bored of her real fast for some reason… galactus would be ok if so much stuff wasn’t written and rehashed about him so many times… gah lak tus is the epitome of why i don’t like galactus…


i would have to say that, IN MY OPINION, the only place DC excells Marvel is in terms of their cosmic characters… maybe because so much of their good characters have some “cosmic” tie in…

I read somewhere that a series was coming out that would “bring some order” to the magical (strange/shuma,etc.) marvel world like annihilation did to the cosmic one. Although I don’t know exactly what order that brought except to reintroduce many people to the key players. I was assuming with the surfer in FF2 that he would get a new book but I realize if he did it would probably be celestial and not involve many of the usual suspects. Even a mini-series would be cool though. Go look at marvel’s website, they have abandoned us.

One of my favorite Infinity spin-offs is Infinity Abyss though. It did have the requisite spider man appearance to sell comics but Thanos + Strange + Surfer = must have.

Marvel’s magic crossover is called Mystic Arcana. It already started 2 weeks ago, Magik’s (80s New Mutants character) MA comic already came out.

Wouldn’t hold my breath on Shuma-Gorath since Marvel hardly ever uses him lol! His last appearance was in Marvel Knights (Fantastic) 4 last year. His name was used as a password to get into Strange’s Avengers hide out recently. He did recieve a Marvel Universe bio FINALLY last year and the new Mystic Arcana Universe comic does talk about the Iron Clad Books of Shuma-Gorath (even though they were destroyed by Crom/Conan so doubt those will show up…)

But yeah one thing Quesada doesn’t like how there are no rules in magic because well… it’s magic LOL so this series is supposed to establish what they are. And possibly answer whether or not Chaos magic exists - Bendis is cwaaazy… having Strange say there is no Chaos Magic lol!

One of the great problems of magical marvel has always been the varying interpretations of what can be done. I thought cosmic marvel was ambiguous about power levels and all until I read a little Dr. Strange. I really have little interest in the typical books (Wolverine,X-men,spidey) so I’m trying to get into the magic universe as well. I will pick up the new books for sure.

I guess continuity is just damn near impossible with writer changes so frequently. Go to any of the comic book forums with an arena and its amazing the high end/low end feat variance.

I love how annihilation made Super Skrull into a worthy character. Not just some filler character.

I would let Neil Gaiman write Mystic Arcana.

In Marvel universe, Dr. Strange is godlike.

I was pretty big on cosmic Marvel back during the Infinity days.

Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, Infinity Crusade and the countless tie-ins with the regular monthlies.

Also picked up a couple issues of Warlock and the Infinity Watch.

I picked up Marvel Universe: The End, but it just wasn’t the same. I am definitely gonna check out Annihilation though. The new Quasar looks pretty cool.

The original Infinity Gauntlet story is pretty good for what it was. I’ll always have a soft spot for that one because it was one of the things that got me excited about comics in the first place when I was young. Plus… RON LIM POWERBLASTS

i saw the cover annihilation conquest, are they ressurecting waylander or whatever?

I’ve always liked the cosmic side of Marvel, Thanos being my favorite villain of all time, but seeing all the Cosmic Beings in the Infinity Gauntlet saga was also very cool. I started Annihilation, but stopped once they killed Thanos, I will go back and finish it at some point but right now I am still mad about that :mad:

you gotta go back and finish it asap. the story is great. plus nova vs annihilus is one of the best fights i have ever seen in a comic; and the killing blow is very creative imo. trust me on this. go finish it. ask DS. i’m hardly ever wrong when it comes to suggesting a story

Lol Thanos is banging Death now so he got what he always wanted. This point is kind of driven a little further in the last issue (subtely though) which is why you should finish it. :smile:

Annihilation: Conquest’s surprise villian was a shocker. I didn’t even know that group was still alive.

The one thing I hate about the format of Annihilation is that the wait is so freaking long. Sure you get four warm up stories before the main event, but damn I want MORE NOW!

<3 Thanos LONG TIME.

One of my fave characters ever in comics.

Which is sad, because all I own about him is the Infinity Gauntlet and the prequel where he gets the Gems. Recommendations, please! :lovin:

Yeah I haven’t seen them since the 90s. Interesting choice! :tup:

the last comics I read was about these green robots killing everyone, and only Deaths head could stop them.