Cosplayer photoshoot scheduling thread

I know we have a thread asking generically if cosplayers are going to be at EVO, and we know they will be.

Let’s talk about planning and scheduling shoots.

Game schedule hasn’t gone up yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start some preliminary planning. Especially later at night when the backdrop is going to be just right for some types of shoots.

I don’t know if there is one on If you are having a photoshoot count me in. I will be cosplaying as Yugo the Wolf(Human form) from Bloody Roar, Sie Kensou (Orochi Variant) and maybe Terry Bogard or Ryu.

None on, but I started a thread there. There’s some cosplayers locally who will be there.

I always look for cosplayers to shoot while at tournaments, but I’m also thinking about setting up a mini photo studio in my room as well. If any cospleyers coming to Evo are interested hit me up.