Cosplayers at Evo 2015?

So, do people normally cosplay at Evo? If so, I’d like to organize a time and place for a photoshoot if people are up for it :smiley: I’ll be going as SF3 Yun for one of the days.

I’ll be there with cameras strapped to me all weekend doing personal and freelance photography. If any cosplayers want to let me know beforehand I’ll try to get some shots of you as well, but I’ll kind of be bouncing all over the place that weekend.

You’ll most likely see cosplayers here and there during the event. Not that many, but enough to at least have a presence.

If I plan to cosplay, I plan to cosplay as Yugo (Bloody Roar 3), Ryu (Street Fighter IV alt), Kensou (KoF XI or NESTS), or Terry Bogard(Fatal Fury)