Costa Mesa--Community Tournament [April 26th]

Hello, my name is John Cao, President for the Orange Coast College Gamer’s Guild, a club that unites the video game community for Companionship, Competition and Community. We currently have 200+ members and 60-70 people attending our weekly meetings at school. We’ve have hosting community tournaments to help charities around our area. Last semester, we fundraiser for Make-A-Wish, this semester is Big Brother Big Sister. Here is our facebook page:

What: Community tournament for Big Brother Big Sister.
When: April 26th and May 24th, 1pm-5pm
Where: Student Center Lounge
Why: The purpose of the event is not just to raise funds for the charity, but awareness for it too. Awareness of the GOOD works and heart of the people that is serving and giving back to our community.
How: Each attendee will be asked for a suggested donation of 5 dollars.
Games: League of Legends, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Playstation All stars.

My vision is to inspire and develop a more active and positive community around our area.

This week, we received and news from “Riot Games”: recognizes, acknowledges and now SPONSORING our tournaments and events. They will be send “swag” prizes and rewards to winners of the event. I will also invite our sister club: Anime, Manga Cosplay(AMC) to have a cosplay contest during the event.

John Cao

is UMVC3 on Asus monitor and xbox or PS3?

It will be on Asus Vh236/238; both xbox and ps3