Costa Mesa FGC by MarkhamUp - UMvC3 Stream & Casuals -


Yeah any skill level is welcome.


i’m in OC a lot, where in HB you located at? i’d love to play some umvc3 casuals sometime


located off Brookhurst and Atlanta. Sounds good, we will have one this week.


Hosting a session tonight see above for details.


I am interested in coming. How many setups do you guys have and what type (ps3 or xbox)? Pm me with contact info.


Having a session this week on Wednesday 8/1 and the location has changed to my new place in Costa Mesa (off the 55 and 405) see top of page for more details.


Session tonight from 7-12 send me a PM for more info.


Should I bring anything besides the my stuff to play? :slight_smile:


Hosting another session tonight from 6-11PM, let me know if your coming so I can know how many people to expect.


Having an all day crack session tomorrow 8/25 Saturday starting 11AM and going late. For any new players PM me to get on the mailing list for additional information!


me my brother and my freind are looking for new challenge, how do we get involved in this


Just cruz when we have a session ill PM u info.


Added a facebook page to help promote the group, add me for invite


Having a Session this Saturday all day with a few setups! RSVP on thread and/or contact me for more info


Having a session tonight hit me up for details.


Hey dude I live close by in Santa Ana, I’ve been looking for a place to chill and get some offline practice in. Could you hit me up when this is going down next time?


Sure thing dude glad you found us! I will send you a PM with more info.


That’s pretty cool I just found Alex’s Arcade this past Sunday and it was awesome. So sweet I’ll add you on facebook right now my name is Jeremy.


Hey guys hosting a session today Friday 12/21 with two (2) Xbox setups from 3PM-2AM hit me up if your coming!!


We have a stream now check it out in the evenings and weekends for some UMvC3 show matches, online play, and whatever else: <a href=“”></a><br><br>