Costom Stick Art/ Wallpaper Request

First id like to start by saying sorry if this is in the wrong place. Im sure there is a thread for costom art/wallpapers/avitars, but i dont know where it would be, and sence its for a stick i fiqured id post it here.

With that out of the way: Id like some to please make a wallpaper i can use as my stick art out of these two pics::

Heart (id like hearts pic from this one)

Combined with the Arcana from this one:


So its like Bhanri heart (like the Time Lillica from the Byrdo stick in Black Shinobi’s Sig)

Thank you in advance for anyone who would like to do this for me.

Post in the Image Mishmash. You’ll get better results.

i allready did that. Thanks. I allready got neg 1,000,000 rep , just for that!

here, have some +++ rep :tup:

Damn, that’s harsh. :sad:

Agreed. If you arn’t known around here the guys in image treat you like shit.

o.O You sure you didn’t mix flour and another little white powder? IMM has to be one place where everyone is nice (granted the Post pics of your girlfriend doesn’t count and this is assuming you follow the rules).

Sadly that is pretty much the best I can do with my limited knowledge of photoshop. Removeing a person from the painting then covering that area up is quite a pain :tdown:

Oh well, hopefully that helps somewhat

Thanks A Lot everyone! (Thank you TMO for the rep…i still have about 4,000 left till im not in the neg anymore…but its A LOT better than the 40,000 i was at!! thank you!)

And thank you Alwc37. Thats perfect!!!

Nice job on the art alwc37! I wish I could get some art that easy.

Someone give the OP some rep, there is no need for the NEG here.

“People helping people. It’s a beautiful thing”


Cuz I’m from IMM. And IMM is nice peepz. :confused:


It’s the same with a lot of forums too. People just get used to seeing other people on the forums then when someone new comes in they think that they can get away with whatever they want becuse they’re probably friends with a mod, and sadly, they do get away with it.
A lot of shit happens with prem. members and friends to the higher ups that slide because they basically are friends to the higher ups.

This is just a general speculation of all forums.

Perhaps I was a bit too harsh. The few times I’ve tried to seek help at IMM (under a different account I think) I got nothing but condemnation. Things may have changed since I last tried it. As for the rest of the forums here, I’ve had nothing but good help :slight_smile:

Thank you for the Positive rep guys!!! youve made my day!!! i was pritty pissed to see that much neg for just a simple mistake like that. You guys rock!

There will be useful to receive help from others sometimes… i really hope that someone can work the two images and give you a hand with it.

how can I give rep?

:u: only prem members who have 500 posts can give “meaningful” rep.

otherwise, the rep you give would be neutral.

K, thanks for that info

sorry to bumb this thread I wanted to ask if anyone could flip this picture horizontal and put in the button and joystick template on top I would like a Japanese style for the template, I do want the button template to cover much of the picture. I can’t do this rite now because I don’t have photoshop anymore and the only thing you can do with paint is flip the picture. Thanks, sorry to post this rite here, but I don’t want to post in a place were a can get negative reputation just like net_ diver.

Re read the first posts. Ask this in IMM not in tech talk. You’re gonna get more neg rep for posting this in here than over there.