Costume catalog not working?

Hi guys,
I play SSF4 AE on xbox360, installed Costume Catalogue 1 and 2 but still cant see the costumes when my opponent is wearing one of them. I only got a "costume not purchased … " message displayed.
Weren’t the catalogs supposed to let us see our opponent alt costume?
Or is it not working with AE?

The strange thing is that I’m seeing yun/yang/oni/E.ryu alt costumes when my opponent is wearing one them (and I’ve never purchased their costume pack), but cant see costumes of Super character.
Am i missing something?
Thx in advance.

A friend of mine just told me he got the exact same problem, we cant be the only ones.
At least if someone could confirm me that catalogs are supposed to work in AE mode.

Try redownloading them, worked for me

Did you guys buy the original SFIV costume pack and the first alternate pack for SSFIV or bought both sets for SSFIV, just to clear things out…