Costume DLC Information

Does anyone know if the costume DLCs for MvC3 will eventually have an “All Costumes” DLC like SSF4? Also, if so does anyone know the DLC release schedule?

there will be no costume dlc
only chars

A costume pack DLC for Ryu, Chris, Dante, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor just came out today…

I would say probably, but it’s gonna be a big bundle of customs so expect the price to be up there a well… Personally I’m just gonna buy for my teams.

There will probably be a full pack released sometime down the line at a discounted price. I plan on picking up a lot of the costumes so ill just wait for that.

This, screw the costumes

In half a year… if your lucky. Either way people would just get the character DLC or a different game by then.

I’m sure there will be a bulk costume pack…eventually.