Costume DLC Missing (PS3)

I put in SSF4 last night and couldn’t select any of the costumes I downloaded (I had the femme fatale pack). Tried restarting the game, but it didn’t help. Went to the PSN store to redownload it, and it is showing up as if I’ve never purchased it. What the hell? Anyone else have this problem? Store seems to be working fine otherwise (on the same page, it shows I have bought the AE dlc)


Rephrase: Are you sure you don’t have more than one psn account? Perhaps you bought it under a different psn id ?

Yeah, I’m sure - it’s my account - that’s why the AE dlc was marked as purchased as well. I e-mailed sony customer support. Just wondering if anyone has experienced something similar. I literally just went to play yesterday and it’s like I never bought the costumes.

Is the disk and the DLC from the same region? Alt costumes don’t generally work if the region isn’t the same.

I just tried it. All of my costumes are there.