"Costume pack not purchased"?


I just got the game about two weeks ago or so and sometimes when I play I see this come up on my opponents char window when the fight is about to start.

What does this mean? That i dont have the costume pack that he has or that he doesnt have the one that I have?

Not a big problem, but i’m just wondering what it means.

Any helpful replies would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


You don’t have the costume pack that he/she has, so the costumes are not downloaded onto your console, so you cannot see them when you fight that person.


PS3 problem unfortunently, it sucks, it sucks even more because costumes are so overpriced. brb paying $27 for some costumes


Does the PS3 not let you download the data for the costumes like the 360 does?


Weird…I’m actually on the 360.

So this is a ps3 problem only?

If so how do I solve this?


On 360, download the costume catalog. It’s free. Im surprised that it wasnt part of the AE DLC download.


Ahh ok man thanks. I just looked it up on the market place. I didnt know there was a second catalog :slight_smile:

Thanks again :slight_smile: