Costume packs???


So i bought the Ultra shoryuken costume pack, the Super shoryuken pack, and the one that outfits all the characters. I mostly play with Ken, so when i go to change the outfit i can chose between the original and one alternate costume, I bought 3 packs so that should give me 3 different costumes. Am i doing something wrong? I guess my question is did i just waist my money or is there anything else i need to do to be able to select different costumes?

And my other question is are we getting this SSF4 arcade edition? or is that just for Japan?

Thanks for your time guys!


you should be able to toggle through the alternate costumes after you go through all of your color choices.


I’m having this same problem. I have the options of Original and Alternate 1. Once I go to the color selections, it gives me 12 options, but none of the other costumes are there, just variations on the color of Original and Alternate 1. Do I need to unlock other costumes through game play?


What he said. ^^^ is there anybody out there that could point us in the right direction?


Are you playing SF4 or SSF4? Alternates 2 & 3 only work with Super Street Fighter 4.

Which console are you playing on? Xbox 360 or PS3?


SSF4 on 360. And I only get one alternate costume, when I bought 3. Ken has his original and a cowboy one, that’s all I got.


Its been a known fact that X360 owners had problems with the Ultra packs when they came out but I thought it was cleared up by now. Here is the SRK article about it. Shoryuken - Capcom Temporarily Suspending Sales on Ultra Costume Packs for SSF4 on Xbox 360

I don’t have anything else to offer trying to remedy the problem. Only thing I can advise you to do is talk to MS & Capcom directly.


Thank you! I will try and contact them.


I forgot about the 360s problems with the costume packs.