Costumes and such


Was anyone else under the impression that new costumes came out today?

Looks like it’s just the previous 2 packs put together in 1 for the same price, maybe to confuse people to pay for it again, who knows.

Either way, no tuxedo Ken :frowning:


They clearly said they will release pack of Swap costumes, atleast i didnt misunderstood it.


This basically. Plus, They are some who didn’t want to spend so much on a whole set of swaps and decided to wait for a more admirable price.


But weren’t both swaps together this price?


No, I was pretty sure it’d be the first batch but bundled for a little cheaper.


The swaps are priced at 12.99 I believe or was it just 12.00? Either way instead of it being around 26$ for both. You only have to pay 20$ which is incredibly cheaper.


Still too expensive